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Event: Let's Party and Care for Animals!

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - July 23, 2019, 11:00:00
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With help from the S.P.C.A. (the Society for Partying and Caring for Animals), we're celebrating pets in the World of Twelve! To mark the occasion, you can participate in a contest and take advantage of special offers in the Shop. Read on for more details!

DOFUS Touch SPCA Celebration
Today we're honoring claws, fur, and slobbery tongues. Whoa, take it easy! Not yours, of course: your animal friends'!

Founded by the god Osamodas himself, the Society for Partying and Caring for Animals puts the spotlight on Bow Wows, Bow Meows, Piwis, and other pets inhabiting the World of Twelve!

As we tend to forget the help they provide us day to day, the foundation Animal Nation is taking advantage of this event to put on a big celebration entirely devoted to pets.

Special Offers in the Shop

Now through Wednesday, July 24 11:59 PM (Paris time), all pets in the in-game Shop are available for 30% off (including Prestige)!


But wait, there's more! You're also invited to take part in a contest for the chance to adopt a pet of your choice.

It's easy to participate: At the end of this article, leave a comment saying what your favorite pet is, and explain why in 2 or 3 sentences!

The contest starts now and goes until Sunday, July 28 11:59 PM (Paris time).


Two players will be drawn at random to receive a pet of their choosing (limited to those available in the in-game Shop).

In the meantime, enjoy celebrating the wild side of the World of Twelve!
First Ankama intervention

Hello folks,

Thank you for joining our event and celebrating our furry and not so furry friends in the World of Twelve!

Hats off to our winners

  • bigrednose
  • Gusto-Fox
For your prize, kindly check your Ankabox for the details.

Thank you to all participants, until our next contest!

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Score : 16

Mi mascota preferida es el fosfo.
Por que es muy mono y reluciente parece una mascota bontariana con ese blanco y reluciente aura. También cuando andas da saltitos pequeños parece un canguro. ya que tambien come almas en su zona favorita la de los wabbit que también es una zona favorita mía por que hay wabbit.

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Score : 1

My favorite pet is my "Gobba Vett", we have traveled too much in this endless adventure.He was always with me even in my desperate times.As we grew up together he always came handy boosting experiences from my adventures, thank you " Hunky the Gobba Vett" im so lucky to have you.

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Score : 220

Mi mascota favorita es el cochino jabato. Es el compañero ideal para embarcarte en las más peligrosas de las aventuras; te hace reír cuando va corriendo con sus pequeñas piernas, sus ojos miran en todas direcciones (pero no por eso te avisara de los peligros) y si no te queda comida, ¡siempre lo puedes convertir en un plato delicioso! ¿Que más se puede pedir?

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Score : 1

Mi Mascota Favorita es turkankon es Genial me gusta su apariencia se parece a una guakamaya tiene un Buen corazon y es una ayuda increible simpre lo llevaba cada lado Me hace Ver Mas brillante y es de la isla de otomais

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Score : 1

My favorite pet is Young Wild Boar, I was in trouble once at amakna forest and almost being killed by Wild Boars. Then he showed up and protected and saved me from that deadly boars. He could even talk English. Since then he's giving me power and protect me from any other dangers out there. I DARE YOU TO NAME BETTER DUO THAN WILDIE AND ME

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Score : 392

My all time favorite pet Is the godfather gobtubby.
I Always liked soul devourers as they care for themselves. Plus, my first character gas been an osamodas, and what would fit me Better than a gobtubby? A badass black gobtubby!

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Score : 1

Mi mascota favorita es el Gelifux además de que es como un pequeño lobo-zorro, combina muy bien con mi set y forma parte de los primeros monstruos a vecen para llegar al legendario nivel 200, además es un animal que de vista se ve tierno y amigable y seria una mascota que te alegraría cuidarla cada día solo por su carita.

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Score : 45

My favorite is the Wabbit. It reminds me to speak silly, eat healthy cawwots, and to hide in a hole if all else fails

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Score : 223

My favourite pet is tofrazzle.Some people can underestimate it by its tiny size,but it is a loyal and strong birdie,during our adventures, when I had no bread,it brought me some fresh worms-yummy;it guided me through dark forests where trees too high to look around and of course,it is mega cute to keep it always in my pocket.

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Score : 128

My favorite pet is the bworky. It doesn't look like much, but it carries your burdens. Pick up too much lousy pig leather? Just let your bworky carry it for you.

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Score : 328

Since my pc days, back on Rosal, my favorite pet has always been Nomoon.  There has been no greater challenge than raising multiple nomoons at once.  Currently raising 9 on Grandapan and 10 on Dodge.

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Score : 1

My favorite pet is the young wild board... nothing better to make your day than a tiny little piggie running around but also there to make you stronger when you go into battle.

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Score : 6

Mi mascota preferida es el pekifux atigrado, gracias a esta magnífico ejemplar,el drop se hace fácil, ayudándome con monstruos salvajes, de los rincones más peligrosos del mundo de los doce. Dándose su lugar de pertenencia entre las mejores criaturas.

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Score : 1

I love my pet bworky, Sir Haulsalot. The poor guy was being sold for chump change when he was just a wee lad. I took him under my wing and boy was he starving! Since then he has been on a steady diet of nuts and has helped me become a master lumberjack.

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Score : 4

Mi mascota favorita es el Boluto del Padrino, fue la primera mascota que tuve desde mis inicios de 1.29 y me encariñe con ella, fue la que me acompaño en todas mis aventuras, recordar esos tiempo y mi MASCOTA me llena de nostalgia.. y cuando empece a jugar touch y poder Comprar otra de nuevo, me trajo viejos recuerdos y sentimientos de cuando empece mis primeros pasos en dofus :,D ..

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Score : 1

Mi mascota faborita es el boluto,porque me encantan los jalatós y me parece muy muy mono.

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Score : 339

My favorite pet is the mastostroke. Makes my life easier on Otomai Island by giving me extra intelligence.

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Score : 477

My favourite pet is young wild boar....why? Because its got nice stats and i dont wanna buy one. Im all about the free shit baby

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Score : 1

A mí me gusta mucho el Bunax. Me encantas sus colores , el porte que tiene y no está de más que me gusta el alineamiento bontariano .

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