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Balance to the Force #2: Online!

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - September 03, 2019, 12:30:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

A major new update is available! On the program: an Osamodas revamp, balancing, the economy, and many new features and improvements to discover in this changelog.

Balance to the Force 2 DOFUS Touch


Ceremonial Items

Donning your most beautiful gear to personalize your character will be child's play with ceremonial items! Learn more about them in this devblog article.

Achievements Linked to Accounts

In order to limit excessive generation of certain resources, achievements are now linked to accounts. This means that resources and kamas from an achievement can no longer be obtained several times per account on the same server. If a character on Oshimo obtains the achievement, that won't prevent a character on Herdegrize from receiving the resources from the same achievement.

The experience, titles, ornaments, Dofus, emotes, etc. can, however, be obtained by each of the account's characters obtaining the achievement.

Access to Frigost Island Changed

We believe that characters below level 100 do not belong on Frigost as the monsters there are out of their reach. The game contains many areas suited to progress from level 50 to 100.

Access to the Frigost area will now be available starting at level 100. The quests requiring access to this zone have been modified accordingly.

Labyrinth of the Minotoror

We are aware that this labyrinth poses problems and that is why a first series of fixes had been made to it several months ago. In order to further improve the dungeon's accessibility, new changes have been made.
  • The monsters Deminoball and Minotoror now appear as regular monsters, but each has a smaller chance of appearing.
  • The dungeon is now divided into even and odd rooms. One of the two monsters only appears in even rooms while the other only appears in odd rooms.

Elimination of Ethereal Weapons

Ethereal weapons can no longer be obtained from monsters. Ultimately, we would like to completely remove these weapons from the game because this system does not suit us and contradicts our potential plans for legendary weapons.

We decided as a first step to stop allowing new ethereal weapons to be generated so that most of you can get rid of them before the next change, which will happen in about six months. This next change will aim to remove these weapons from the game outright.

Ascension Island

  • Rotation 4 ended this morning! You can see the full rankings here. Rewards are available in your banks. The next rotation will start on Tuesday, September 24.
  • New thresholds could appear in the composition of the Ascension: double bosses! We had decided to initially focus on low-level monsters to supervise the evolution and difficulty of these thresholds to make any necessary adjustments before extending this concept to new pairs. For these double boss thresholds, the map on which you fight them will be a variation of the fight map of one of the two bosses present.
  • The Scale King has also been added to the list of bosses for Ascension Island rotations.
  • You can now exchange one shushetoken for 15 doploons with the island merchant.
  • The Regulations have been updated in the game interface, as certain points weren't properly explained.
  • Monster levels have been fixed in the Ascension Island interface.
  • A problem that prevented navigation in that same interface when logging off and back on has been fixed.


  • It is now possible to sort guild members who have been inactive for at least 1 month.
  • Characters no longer lose their appearance when switching from creature mode to normal mode in combat (for example, a Pandawa under Boozer).
  • When a player loses a fight in the Azure Plop's lair, they now reappear in front of it correctly.
  • The reappearance of the boss Ongnissim in zone 1.29 of Amakna Village has been changed. Ongnissim had stopped appearing correctly on certain servers.
  • The left entrance to the Sram temple is now operational.
  • Items linked to an account or character no longer disappear from the inventory after an exchange.
  • Spells with a uses-per-turn limit are now grayed-out in the shortcut bar once the limit has been reached.
  • In order to avoid movement errors in combat, it is no longer possible to press a red movement cell.
  • The movement preview is now updated correctly after an enemy is thrown.
  • How MP and AP lost in the event of movement while the player is Locked are displayed is now correctly updated.
  • Lock cells are now displayed correctly and pathfinding has been optimized.
  • How shield points are displayed is no longer changed after logging out and back in.
  • It is now possible to collect bags of salt from the following monsters: Farle's Pig, Dorgan Ation, Blodz Uker, Pignolia and Dragon Pig.
  • It is now possible to collect barrels of water from the following monsters: Rat Tchet, Rat Suenami, Rat Bag, Black Rat, Rat Pakk, Rat Basher, White Rat, Rat Rah, Prat, Riffrat, Rugrat, Brat, Packrat, Ratter, Ratworm, Sphincter Cell.
  • The Scaly monster family spells have been adjusted.
  • Corrections have been made to several of the in-game texts. Thank you for your feedback!
  • Osamodas' Gobball Tracking now deals (at equal rank) the same damage as Gobball Bite.
  • Due to the technical issues experienced by Vulkania dungeon in Grandapan and Dodge, the island remains open for 1 more week for the mentioned servers. 
  • Abandoned houses and paddocks have been put back on sale. Learn more.

Osamodas Class Revamp

The Osamodas class has been completely revamped so as to offer more balanced and interesting gameplay. To find out more, please check out the devblog on the subject.

Changes to the Other Classes

Characteristics Threshold Overhaul

With a view to offering three viable elemental paths to each class and diversifying the quantity of equipment available to each class as much as possible, in the long run, we think it's important to balance all the classes' characteristics thresholds on the same basis, namely:
  • 1 for 1 up to 100
  • 2 for 1 up to 200
  • 3 for 1 up to 300
  • 4 for 1 up to 400

For this phase of balancing, we chose to focus on five classes to which we wanted to make changes: Sadida, Sram, Rogue, Feca, and Osamodas.

For each of these classes (except Rogue), this balancing of the thresholds will go hand in hand with readjusting the damage and/or characteristics of certain spells so they'll better match the new possibilities of that class. Indeed, higher thresholds make it possible to achieve sometimes much higher characteristics stats, which makes it necessary to take them into account in the damage values that spells can inflict.


The changes to the Sadida class aim to makes its gameplay more interesting by emphasizing synergies between the class's various spells and therefore by accentuating its area-control potential. By adding more utilitarian effects, such as earthquakes or healing, we also tried to make it easier to integrate the class into different PvP and PvM make-ups at all levels.


  • The acquisition levels for certain spells have been changed in order to better distribute attack elements and capacities.

Aggressive Bramble

  • The AP cost has been changed: 5 → 4.
  • The critical hit rate has been increased.
  • The maximum range at spell level 6 has been reduced: 7 → 6.
  • An MP-stealing effect has been added for each spell level.
  • The maximum number of casts per turn is now 2.

Tree of Life

  • It is now possible to use this spell on a Tree.
  • If the spell is cast on a doll, the player automatically recovers 1 AP.
  • The spell can no longer be cast on an allied Sadida's Summons.

Soothing Bramble

  • The spell no longer heals enemies.
  • The spell no longer reduces allies' MP.
  • The spell range is no longer modifiable.
  • The spell no longer has critical hits.


  • The Summons's resistances have been changed.
  • The AP cost has been reduced: 3 → 2.
  • The recast time has been lowered at each spell level.
  • Whenever a Tree is summoned, it destroys all other Trees in a 2-cell radius.
  • When a Tree of Life is summoned on a Tree, the Tree is destroyed correctly.
  • Trees can no longer be moved at all.


  • The spell's effects have been changed.
  • Casts a spell on each tree on the field that:
  • Inflicts Fire damage on opponents.
  • Reveals invisible enemies.
  • Attracts the entities present by one cell.

Doll Knowledge

  • The spell removes the Compost state from the targeted doll to apply Doll Knowledge. When this doll dies, its recast time is reduced by 2 turns. Only works with the caster's dolls. On a Sacrificial Doll, the spell removes the effects of the Dollish Decoction spell.

Poisoned Wind

  • The spell's effects have been changed.
  • Kills the targeted doll or tree and inflicts an Earth poison in an area of effect lasting two turns.
  • If the spell is cast on a doll, the caster recovers 1 AP.


  • Dolls' vitality and characteristics have been increased.
  • Dolls' resistances have been changed.
  • Dolls now have a passive spell: Compost. When a doll dies, the recast time of the Tree spell is reduced by 1 turn.
The Ultra-Powerful
  • The doll no longer skips its turn without doing anything.
Sacrificial Doll
  • The level-6 Summons's range has been increased to 3.
  • The damage inflicted by the Sacrificial Doll is now in the Water element.
  • Base damage has been reduced.
  • The initial cooldown of the doll's explosion has been removed.
  • The doll will explode as soon as it encounters an opponent.
  • New spell: At the start of each of its turns, the Sacrificial Doll's damage and Vitality will be increased (stackable 3 times). This makes it interesting to anticipate using the spell to maximize its potential.
  • The Irritation spell is no longer shared with other in-game monsters, which should improve the AI's calculation time.
Inflatable Doll
  • Initial healing has been lowered.
  • The doll's healing now also happens to a lesser extent around the player's trees.


  • Critical damage has been increased.
  • Damage inflicted on critical hits is no longer of a fixed value.
  • A maximum number of casts per turn has been added: 3.

Manifold Bramble

  • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
  • The critical hit rate has been increased.
  • Damage inflicted on critical hits is no longer of a fixed value.
  • The spell no longer inflicts damage on any of the caster's Summons.


  • The AP cost has been changed: 4 → 3.
  • Damage has been reduced at all spell levels.

Dolly Sacrifice

  • The range has been changed: 4 → 5.
  • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
  • In addition to the health steal effect, it now heals by 30% of damage inflicted in an area of effect around the target. This won't heal the Sadida or their Summons.
  • The spell can be cast twice per turn, but only once per target in the same turn.
  • The critical hit rate has been increased.

Wild Grass

  • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.

Bush Fire

  • A maximum number of casts per turn has been added: 3.
  • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
  • Damage inflicted on critical hits is no longer of a fixed value.

Paralysing Poison

  • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.
  • Range can still be boosted.
  • Max range is now 4 (at rank 6).
  • The effect duration is now at 2 turns instead of 3. While in CC, the effect duration is now at 3 turns instead of 4.


The Feca class has been modified so as to make it more versatile in its support and hindrance role, while lowering its AP reduction potential, which made it too powerful a class in PvP. It now has three distinct paths and more spells thanks to armor groupings. The way glyphs currently work was too decisive as rounds progressed. For this reason, we wanted to orient the Feca class toward glyphs with a greater variety of uses (Range reduction, MP reduction, etc.). However, the impact is limited to the glyph's area of effect, which makes the opponent's positioning more strategic to optimize their use.

In line with this aim of not fully obstructing rounds due to glyph stacking, using an elemental glyph will prevent another one from being used during the same turn.


  • The acquisition levels for certain spells have been changed in order to better distribute attack elements and capacities.

Aggressive Glyph

  • The spell now inflicts Earth damage on enemies and increases the close-combat damage suffered by entities inside the glyph.

Blinding Glyph

  • The spell now inflicts Water damage on enemies and reduces the range of entities inside the glyph.

Burning Glyph

  • The spell still inflicts Fire damage and now reduces the MP of entities inside the glyph.

Escape Glyph

  • Replaces the Immobilisation Glyph. Provides a Dodge bonus for entities present in the glyph.

Repulsion Glyph

  • Spell damage has been reduced at levels 1 to 5.


  • The spell has become Teleglyph: It teleports the caster and triggers the glyphs including the destination cell.


  • The AP reduction is now 2 at all spell levels.
  • Spell damage has been increased.
  • The spell now inflicts Earth damage.
  • The spell area of effect is now a diagonal cross.
  • Maximum stacking for the AP reduction effect applied by the Blindness spell is now 1. If a second reduction effect is applied, it replaces the previous one.
  • The number of casts per turn is now 2.

Reinforced Protection

  • The spell's effects have been changed. Increases the resistance to pushback damage and critical resistances of the target for 1 turn.
  • The effects cannot be unbewitched.
  • Spell cost is now 1 AP.
  • The number of casts per turn is now 2.


  • Replaces Earth Shield. Reduces damage (all elements) suffered by the caster and their allies.


  • Replaces Glowing Shield. Gives a resistance bonus for two turns to allies in a cross in exchange for part of the caster's resistances. The penalties on the caster cannot be unbewitched.


  • Replaces Windy Shield. Inflicts Fire damage on enemies and repels targets in a line (orthogonal).


  • Replaces Aqueous Shield. Applies the Gravity state around the caster for 1 turn and gives them a Lock bonus for each enemy in the area of effect.


  • The maximum stacking of the spell effects is now 1.

Cloudy Attack

  • An area-of-effect effect has been added to damage.
  • Characteristics steal has been reduced.
  • Effects are no longer applied to allies.
  • The spell now has a minimum range.
  • Range has been changed at all spell levels.
  • Critical damage is no longer of a fixed value.
  • The chances of critical hits have been increased.


  • Spell damage has been reduced.


  • Ataraxia's effects are now removed by start-of-turn and end-of-turn poisons.


Changing the Sram characteristics thresholds was an opportunity to give the class more-specialized elemental paths, orienting the class in one (or more!) elements based on preferred gaming style.

The elemental paths will be generally oriented as follows:
  • Fire path: networks of traps and movements.
  • Air path: poisons.
  • Earth path: raw damage and damage traps.


  • The acquisition levels for certain spells have been changed in order to better distribute attack elements and capacities.


  • Replaces Invisibility of Another.
  • Creates an area of effect that makes entities that cross it invisible. It works the same way as Feca glyphs.
  • Two turns after being cast, increases the recast time for the Invisibility spell by two turns.


  • Two turns after being cast, increases the recast time for the Mist spell by two turns.


  • Replaces Chakra Impulse. Applies an Air poison at the end of turn that is transferred to nearby enemies.

Repelling Trap

  • The spell now inflicts Fire damage on enemies.

Sap Trap

  • Replaces Poisoned Trap. The trap's area of effect is now single cell. Removes one turn of bewitchment, then inflicts Earth damage if it is an enemy.

Mass Trap

  • Damage has been increased at spell level 6.

Trap of Silence

  • The trap's area of effect is now a square.


  • The name of the Furrow spell has been changed in order to better match its effects.
  • Damage has been reduced at all levels.
  • The order in which the effects are applied has been changed as follows: Intelligence theft → Attraction → Damage.

Following the balancing of characteristics thresholds, the following spells are being changed:

Tricky Blow

  • Damage has been reduced.


  • Damage has been reduced.

Tricky Trap

  • Damage has been reduced.


  • Damage has been reduced.



  • Spell damage has been increased slightly at all spell levels.
  • When the spell hits a target, it also inflicts damage in an area of effect around the target.
  • Minimum range is now 2 (down from 3).
  • Maximum range is now 5 (up from 4).
  • Damage and effects are no longer applied on allies.
  • The spell is now limited to 3 casts per turn.


  • Minimum range is now 2 (down from 5).


  • Damage has been increased at all spell levels.


  • Damage has been reduced at all levels.
  • The spell's AP cost has been changed: 4 → 3.
  • At level 6, the spell repels by 3 cells instead of 2.
  • The chances of critical hits have been reduced.


Explosive Arrow

  • Spell damage has been increased.
  • The range is now non-modifiable.

Retreat Arrow

  • The AP cost has been reduced: 4 → 3.

Bat's Eye

  • The damage area of effect was not the same as the area of effect to reveal invisible entities. Both areas of effect are now the same.

Powerful Shooting

  • The spell has been merged with Critical Shooting in order to make room for the new spell below.
  • The number of Critical Hits provided has been lowered in exchange.

Numbing Arrow

  • If used on an ally, reduces damage suffered by them.
  • If used on an enemy, reduces damage inflicted by them.

Poisoned Arrow

  • Has taken the place of Critical Shooting.



  • The spell now applies an Out of Phase state to the caster. The state cannot be unbewitched.
  • The Out of Phase state:
  • Prevents the Teleportation spell from being used.
  • Prevents the Rewind spell from being used.
  • Prevents the Cog spell AP gain from working.

Xelor's Dial

  • The spell can no longer be used on the first turn.
  • The Dial now gets 50% of the caster's Agility characteristic as well as Air damage.
  • The spell's range has been reduced.
  • Xelor's Dial no longer inflicts damage on allies.

Dial – Oscillation

  • Spell damage has been reduced.
  • The area of effect has been increased.

Dial – Weakness

  • The AP Parry penalty has been increased at all spell levels.

Dial – Imbroglio

  • Replace the Pendulum spell. Teleports nearby enemies symmetrically in relation to the Dial (two-cell circle).


  • When cast on the Dial, the Frostbite spell now triggers damage and teleports the Dial.
  • The spell no longer inflicts damage on the Dial.
  • The AP cost is now 2 (down from 3).


  • When cast on the Dial, Shrivelling now counters damage in a 3-cell cross around the Dial.
  • The spell no longer inflicts damage on the Dial.
  • Spell damage has been increased.

AP gains have been removed from Air spells.



  • The AP cost has been reduced: 4 → 3.


  • AP cost has been increased: 1 → 2.


  • The spell no longer removes Power from allies.


Harpooners, Tacturrets and Lifesavers

  • Turrets can now be moved.
  • The element state applied to a turret is now displayed properly (Water, Fire, Earth).
  • The Backwash, Torrent and Froth spells no longer cause damage to allies, including turrets; this allows movement without taking damage.

Salt Armour

  • When the spell is cast on a turret, prevents it from being moved for 2 turns.


Pull Out

  • The spell's effects can no longer be unbewitched.


  • The spell no longer has critical effects.
  • The spell's effects have been changed.
  • Applies the Bribery state to the target for 1 turn: prevents the use of spells and close combat.
  • On allies: heals 40% of the target's HP.
  • On enemies: applies the Invulnerable state for 1 turn.
  • The AP cost has been reduced: 7 → 5.

Pandora's Box

  • The Pandora's Box spell now has an extra line of healing indexed on the caster's Intelligence; this is intended to make the Fire path more interesting.



  • The maximum number of times the spell can be used is now 4.
  • The maximum number of times it can be used per target has been reduced: 3 → 2.


  • The spell's recast time has been increased: 3 → 4.

Ecaflip's Luck

  • The spell now works differently. It halves damage suffered for 1 turn. On the next turn, damage suffered is increased by 50%.


  • Characteristics threshold balancing: Since this change provides a minimal bonus compared to the other classes affected, Rogues' attack spells have not been changed.


Silencing Word

  • The area of effect and amount of AP removed by the Silencing Word spell have been reduced.
  • An overall recast is now applied if there are several Eniripsas in the same group.

Draining Word

  • Can now be casted a max of 2 times per turn while still being 1 max per target.

Dopple Summons Spells

  • Osamodas Dopple: The Dopple's spells have been updated in line with the new Osamodas spells.
  • Feca Dopple: The Bubble spell has been replaced by Cloudy Attack.
  • Sacrier Dopple: The Sacrier's Foot spell has been replaced by Assault.

Additional Changes

The maximum number of Summons can no longer exceed 6.

Summons in their current state presented several problems within the game. Summoned in great numbers, they considerably slowed down the how long rounds lasted and often behaved erratically. Moreover, they played only a minor role in PvM because of how fragile they were, especially at a high level. By giving them more health points and greater durability and by allowing Osamodas minimal control over them, we have given them enough of an impact in the game to make unreasonable numbers of them unnecessary in combat.

The impact of the Power characteristic has been reduced.

1 Power no longer equals 1 characteristic point but 0.8. With this change, we want to give greater importance to the primary characteristics and make the Power characteristic less crucial in multi-elemental game-mode equipment. Indeed, it was too easy to achieve equivalent damage values using Power without any or with too few concessions, thus making a great deal of the equipment obsolete.
  • All spells that confer Power have been modified accordingly.
  • Power-based pets, Dragoturkeys, and petsmounts gain +20 Power.
  • All Crimson Dofus are now retroactively 100 Power, fixed-roll.


  • When the Chaferfu common spell is cast with a critical hit, the Summons no longer attacks its allies.
  • The spells of certain temple Dopples have been changed or replaced.

Changes to Some Equipment

Healing weapons can now only be used in a line.

During balancing, we're seeking to strengthen the unique qualities and role of each class, and in particular, to diversify the classes that can play the healing/support role. Healing weapons were too powerful as they were and, in too many situations, they made it possible for a support class to be ignored without any real constraints. This change makes it more difficult to use them by sometimes encouraging more risk-taking in positioning without reducing their healing effect.

In exchange, the range of the Boogey Wand and the Archetypal Bow has been changed.

Changes to Class Sets

Masqueraider Class Set

  • The AP cost reduction has been replaced by an increase in the maximum number of uses per turn.

Osamodas Class Set

  • Toad: +30 CH is now Bestial Heal +2 Range.
  • Natural Resistance: +25 CH is now Ghostly Claw +15 CH.
  • Summoning of Bwork Magus: -1 recast interval is now Summoning of Gobball: -1 recast interval.
  • Animal Blessing: -1 recast interval is now Crackler Punch Range +1.
  • Bear Cry: +25 CH is now Determination +25 CH.
  • Fangs of Boowolf: +25 CH is now Deactivates line of sight for Feline Movement.
  • Boots: Crackler Punch: +1 Range is now Summoning of Boar: +1 Range.
  • Summoning of Prespic: No line of sight is now Substitution: no line of sight.
  • Animal Healing: +30 Heals is now Communion: -1 recast interval.
  • High-Energy Shot: -1 AP is now Favouritism: -1 AP.
  • Summoning of Crackler: +1 Range is now adds a Critical Hit bonus to the Gust spell.
  • Ghostly Claw: +20 CH is now Whip: -1 AP.
  • Summoning of Gobball: +2 Range is now Deactivates line of sight for Martyr.
  • Feline Movement: +1 Range is now Summoning of Koalak +1 Range.

Sram Class Set

  • Reduces the AP cost of Poisoned Trap by 1 is now Increases the Range of the Sap Trap spell by 2.
  • Reduces the recast interval of the Chakra Impulse spell by 1 is now Epidemic no longer requires a line of sight.

Sadida Class Set

  • Increases the Range of the Earthquake spell by 3 is now Earthquake: -1 Range.
  • Reduces the AP cost of the Tree spell by 2 is now Deactivates line of sight for the Tree spell.

Feca Class Set

  • The recast time reduction for Barricade has been reduced: 2 → 1.
  • Earth Armour: +30 CH is now Rampart: AP cost -1.
  • Glowing Shield: +30 CH is now Furnace: +1 Range.
  • Aqueous Shield: +30 CH is now Heroism: deactivates line of sight.
  • Wind Shield: +30 CH is now Blindness: +30 CH.

Cra Class Set

  • The Retreat Arrow spell's AP cost reduction has been replaced by line-of-sight deactivation.


What happened to the characters' characteristics whose thresholds were changed?

A restat was given to the classes affected by these changes.

What happened to the spell points for modified spells?

Spells that underwent drastic changes were reset to zero and the points were returned to you. For the Osamodas class, and given that this is a complete revamp, all spell points were returned.

Why is the Sacrier class the only one that hasn't yet been adjusted since balancing started?

The Sacrier class requires more substantial work in order to balance the class correctly while offering more-attractive gameplay. With all the other changes presented in this changelog, this work is not something that can be envisaged right away.
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Lukaz-Strife

Hi Lukaz-Striefe

What happened to the characters' characteristics whose thresholds were changed?

A restat was given to the classes affected by these changes.

What happened to the spell points for modified spells?

Spells that underwent drastic changes were reset to zero and the points were returned to you. For the Osamodas class, and given that this is a complete revamp, all spell points were returned.

See message in context
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Score : 96

1- Minotaur is bug,both monsters appears in both rooms,pairs and odds.
2- I know u will increase Ascension difficulty after the results of this rotation,but,please why have to be so Autowin? Ulk´han Floor 100 needs to have a Iop in the compo or literally u can´t pass, Nileza Floor 93 needs an Enu forced yes or yes,so.. I have left my Cra in F99,desperate cause I spent all day trying a fight thats Its literally impossible with some Pnjs,u fixed that Ulk´han after First Rotation and did it the most Autowin thing I have ever seen in Dofus games.
3- Have a good day.

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Score : -9

some free reset npc?

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Hi Lukaz-Striefe

What happened to the characters' characteristics whose thresholds were changed?

A restat was given to the classes affected by these changes.

What happened to the spell points for modified spells?

Spells that underwent drastic changes were reset to zero and the points were returned to you. For the Osamodas class, and given that this is a complete revamp, all spell points were returned.

Score : 1

Vocês fazem os jogadores desistirem desse jogo vocês são péssimos desenvolvedores

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Hi lucianosnow,

May we know what features of the update are not to your liking?


Score : 15

Que paso? Quitaron los puntos de hechizos que gane con pergas, perdi 30 y 3 pergas que tenia en mi inventario. Porfavor arreglen esto

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Score : -10

Una pregunta, ¿esto terminara como el dofus oficial? la verdad es que muchos nos pasamos para este ya que estaba por decirlo de algún modo "como inicio" esta bien que hagan cambios pero porque modificar en 100% una clase? pienso que como estaba, estaba bien. Espero que el cambio que le vayan a hacer al sacro no sea como el oficial que de ser tanke paso a no ser nada, el sacro se ha caracterizado es por ser tanke, por esa vitalidad que tienen.

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Score : 1

The spells that were modified arent available during combat (PvM at least). For both Osa and Xelor, and I imagine for all.
Could u see what's happening ?

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Score : 665

The spells are still available but for some reason they got removed from the quickbar. You can still add them back in yourself by opening the spell window and tapping on the lock symbol at one of the corners of the quickbar. Worked for me atleast

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Score : -10

otra cosa, en frigots almenos en la ciudad un sacro puede desde nvl 85 o 90 no recuerdo bn yo estuve lvl con 1 alla, deberian de bajarle los nvles pienso que 100 es mucho para ir a frigots, deberian dejarlo en 70

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Score : 118

Perdonad pero, Posicion Defensiva del feca ha cambiado completamente y no lo han reseteado, hay algun motivo para ello? hacer que gaste en resetearlo yo?

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Score : 1

2 updates and masq got 1 Little change? Give masq a decent change ?

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Score : 1

¿Cuál es punto de hacer un "cambio de balance" si van a modificar el juego drásticamente?

Tengo muchos inconvenientes con la actualización que acaba de salir, porque desde mi perspectiva están cambiando EL ROL de los personajes y eso le quita la esencia al juego.

1. El feca ya no cumple su rol de protección, ¿Qué sentido tiene dar una armadura que solo dura dos turnos? Se supone que el rol del feca es de apoyo, y con esto me refiero que su objetivo principal es DARLE ESCUDOS A LOS ALIADOS, esa es la esencia de esa raza. Heroísmo no compensa el nerf de las armaduras, estos cambios OBLIGAN a que el feca deba estar muy cerca del equipo para desempeñar su papel. Yo como jugador de apoyo prefería gastarme 8 PA y dar una buena protección de daños por 4 turnos que gastarme 2 PA y proteger a mis aliados por solo 2 turnos, no estoy diciendo que el feca este destinado a ser apoyo, pero se pudo poner una armadura que costara mas PA y que durara los 4 turnos, obviamente protegiendo menos de lo que protegerían las viejas armaduras.

2. Los osas están OP, no se como definan en Ankama "Cambios de balance", pero modificar una raza desde cero para que sea la mas rota del juego NO TIENE NINGUN SENTIDO.

3. Las armas de curas las dañaron completamente, si querían nerfearlas podían bajarle las curas, pero no modificarles el alcance de esa forma. ¿Cuál era el objetico del nerf? ¿Que solo curen los aniripsas?
Ahora casi nadie va a usar coa y fekal…

Y como comentario a cerca de la finalidad del dofus touch, yo lo empecé a jugar porque no me gustaban las actualizaciones del dofus normal, ese tipo de cambios van a causar que mucha gente se vaya del juego, piensen que muchos están acá es por la nostalgia que nos da el juego precisamente porque no se parece a lo que es el dofus de pc

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¿Por qué nerfean la potencia si los puntos de capitales no cuestan a 1 >100, 2 >200, etc por elemento en todas las razas? A pesar de que en la reforma le dieron un favoritismo al sadida (lo digo porque era una raza OP, y la acaban de hacer invensible contra la mayoría de las razas), nada me molestaba hasta ver lo poco que pega mi personaje por el nerf de la potencia. Espero que resuelvan el costo de los puntos de capital en todas las razas, o arreglen la potencia otra vez.

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Achei bem ruim att jogo Dofus a anos e o touch está caminhando igual ao de Pc vai ficar horrível daqui a um tempo deram atenção para umas raças e acabaram com outras passaram a potência de 1 para 0.8 e o pessoal que investiu em um set de potência bom e agora vai perde grande parte do que investiu
Nerfaram o steamer e não botaram nada em troca não atualizaram as características e diminuíram a potência steamer com mais de um elemento vai ficar bem raro mas a ankma é assim a anos não liga para os jogadores e sim para ganhar grana jogo a anos e estou parando de jogar pq vocês deram atenção de mais para umas raças e esqueceram outras

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AWESOME! By forcing the rewards from achievements to be obtainable only once per account/per server will just encourage even MORE botting and multi accounting to farm resources, you guys keep bringing the amazing super intelligent updates, first removing grocery stores and now this. Keep burying the game biggrin

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I think they hate solo players, even though they officially say the opposite. I am questioning how to even play the game without achievements on a solo account.
I quess we accomplish things ONCE and quit the game to go writing or play something else entirely after that, no replay is my understanding. Complete the game, don’t help out, and quit after you did it once

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Dear ankama

Still fuming and saddened of this realization.
With the achievements gone (kamas and loot). I find myself in an odd situation, before I had incentive to go on another character and bond by helping new players achieve achievement, and getting something out of it too. Now it’s no longer a win win, but a loss win, my time lost, the new players usage of me gained everything. Which means no more bonding over achievements on a second character!

But when I don’t bond, I do two things in dofus, breed and achieve dofuses. I achieved 5 Cawwot dofuses already (yes it’s weird, but it was oddly satisfying) I have yet to get my 5 ice dofus and ochre. But now I find myself asking, can I still get that.
If you want to limit the amount of dofus being traded, account lock any second ochre you get, and character lock ice dofus (if that isen’t already the case). That would still keep the fun of achieving them, but not do anything to the game as there would be no more trading of secondary characters dofus achievement.

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Grat job, now Frigost is dead

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Ok. when I hit close range natural with feca hits 630, when I hit from distance, it hits 500.

Why on earth did you change this? :S Does distance matter how much dmg you make with feca now?

Range feca is now close combat feca and is almost impossible to do anything good with it.

Cant really compare, it`s so terrible... I got 95% of spells lvl 6, all set overmaged, everything almost perfect. And now my feca is terrible. It`s not the tactics, tried a lot.

I really do not understand your motivation to do this. I would need to sell perfect set, use endless time to buy new, overmage etc just to get feca good again.

Doesn't really motivate much to play anymore.

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So is there a balancing of the balancing planned?
Literally there's no valid strategy vs an Osamodas, let alone 2 in kolosseum. There's no time to kill every summon and even if you kill some, they probably can summon them back and use Favouritism. Now this creature deals the same damage as a charged Iop Wrath each turn it is alive. By now every other teammate has already gotten to
you. The Osa doesn't even have to be close by to unleash this nonsense.
On the other hand, Sadida's changes were nerfed and nerfed again before updating and I wish to actually hear what's the reasoning behind having to be so close by to use a poison spell, but summoning a giant dragon you can do from the other side of the map. 2 Sadidas can't use both their Sylven Power, but 3 Osamodas would be able to summon their MegaPokemon.
"Yeah, so, this poison, you have to get really close to use it, so, if you, like, *inhales weed* use it, *inhales weed* you get killed and the poison dissapears without even hitting a single turn. Hahahah, yeah, fuck Sadidas dude. *cough*"

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cambiar la entrada de frigost a lvl 100 ,,,,,,, tengo un sadida de fuerza y lo lvl en la ciudad con los gatos, si iban hacer esto al menos debieron subir la xp que uno gana en otros lugares a los que tienen el bonus ese teniendo en cuenta que no tienen alguna especie de historia que distraiga mientras uno sube a lvl 100. y bueno estos cambios no se... espero esto no se descontrole como el dofus de pc ........ que les perdone cuando isieron el sacro que cambiaba de forma estaba buenisimo pero con eso que le isieron de las cargas y eso me fui. jajaj igual creo que esto no lo toman en cuenta pero igual es mi pensar

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Dañaron el ocra inte xplociva perdio su esencia y por que items que no eran ligados ahora si lo son y el daño de la potencia vaia vaia

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