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To Scare Is Human: Now Live!

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - October 23, 2019, 09:45:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

Al Howin is the chance for you to bust a few Ghouls and enjoy content that's accessible once a year. And the event starts today, so take advantage before it ends!


Horrib Isle

Horrib Isle is back until November 19! As a reminder, it offers you the following content:
  • A 200 zone made up of a farm zone and boss room: "Plateau Ribilis".
  • A 50 zone made up of a farm zone and boss room: "Bonecurdler Beach".
  • A level-200 set and a level-50 set.
  • Two cosmetic shields.
  • Four quests.
  • Over 10 achievements.

Getting to Horrib Isle

To get there, you must still go through Marco Conut at [14,14].

Temporal Disruption

As if past events weren't enough, it would seem that new adventures await those brave enough to head to Horrib Isle.

Changes and Fixes

  • The Pointed Bones needed to reach the island now weigh 0 pods.
  • The Pointed Bones can now be obtained from the Chafer Foot soldier, Invisible Chafer, Dragur Chafer and Rib.
  • It is no longer possible to teleport a character to the dungeon if they haven't completed the access quest.
  • If you are defeated by Deleghoul, you can now retry the boss fight without needing to use another key.
  • The quest "Macabre Nuptials" has been fixed and can now be completed properly.

Al Howin's Vegetable Patch

The Al Howin's Vegetable Patch dungeon is open again until November 19! Head to [-1,22] to get there.

Don't retreat before the evil creatures that live in it: Not only will they let you craft the Punkin' Set, with its exclusive "Wimpkin" title, but if you manage to beat Al Howin, you'll also unlock an exclusive emote!

As a reminder, eight achievements are linked to Al Howin content:
  • six for the dungeon "Al Howin's Vegetable Patch",
  • two for event-related content.

Complete all the Horrib Isle and Al Howin achievements to unlock the ornament " Panicky Pumpkwin "!


New equipment is available from the Ascension Island merchant:
  • a level-180 set
  • a level-185 set
  • two level-200 weapons

As workshopped with you all in this post, the following set bonuses have been modified:
  • Count Harebourg Set
    • Elemental Resistance % has been added.
  • Oshimo Set
    • The 2 piece set bonuses have been increased. 
    • Critical Resistance has been added.
    • Range has been added.
    • Vitality has been added.
  • Nocturnowl Set
    • Range has been increased.
    • Elemental damages has been increased.
    • Critical Hit has been increased.
    • Characteristics have been added.
    • Initiative have been added.

This is just a first step, and changes are coming to other sets; be sure to check out the post linked above to learn more.


  • On the recipe interface, if you do a search, close the window, then open the interface again, the search filter now works correctly.
  • Group level can now be seen when you long tap a group of monsters.

Happy haunting!
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Annibo

Hi Annibo,

We were under maintenance earlier. Are you still experiencing the issue? If so kindly contact our Support team here for further checking. Thanks!


See message in context
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I am still unable to log into the game using my iPad device because it says connection failed! There are many threads for this on the forum but no response from any team.

I log in from time to time using my iPhone that is small in screen size compared to my iPad. When will this issue be resolved?

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Hi Annibo,

We were under maintenance earlier. Are you still experiencing the issue? If so kindly contact our Support team here for further checking. Thanks!


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Hola muy bien la modificaciones de los set, pero podrían mejorar los set que vienen de la versión más antigua, son los únicos set que no dan daños elemento y quedan muy por debajo los nuevos set, saludos

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Gracias por el retorno, en efecto hay franjas de niveles para todos los sets, pero es un punto a tener en cuenta.


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I am still experiencing this problem Flatops, I have sent a ticket to support many weeks ago, they said they are working on the problem. I just need some reassurance that I am not being ignored.

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Hi Annibo,

Can you share with me please your ticket number?


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la mission de la novia no se encerra , esta con algun tipo de bug ? alguien poderia me ayudar ?

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la mision de las nupcias funestas esta bug , al final ghul no permite acceder al ghulden palace !

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Encuentras información al respecto aquí. 


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Hola Ankama

Pronto oh al menos el año que entra añadiran las otras clases fartantes en dofus touch?

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Hello Ankama, I want to say i truly enjoy playing this game in my free time, My question to you is will you be adding the classes that are missing into dofus touch?

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Hi partyyy2010,

There are no plans at the moment to release new classes.


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Hay muchos set que se quedaron atrás y no son opciones viables o con malus exagerados.
Cómo set ventosa, set mazy Lyn y hel muster.
Ya es hora de un ajuste.

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