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Report by Melishandra Misty

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - November 14, 2019, 14:00:00
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In the candlelight, a soggy scroll had been carefully unrolled and dried out. The moisture stains had released the ink, forming clouds of darkness on the paper. The text, although somewhat smeared, still kept all its clarity. At the top of the scroll, you can read: "Report by Melishandra Misty, Captain of the Bontarian Militia".

DOFUS Touch Report by Melishandra Misty

Javian 650
For the attention of Militia Chief Amayiro,
More than a month ago, I was sent to visit the Cania Plains to report on the current situation. As you know, a major catastrophe occurred in the eastern territories, causing countless lives to be lost and unprecedented damage. It seems the provisional toll is most alarming and I'm writing you again to report on circumstances that are beyond worrying.

A few days ago, I sent a detachment of soldiers to the outskirts of Bonta Cemetery. Only one of them came back, scared and horrified by what is afoot there. He kept stammering nonsense about how the soldiers had disappeared: with a cry, carried away by something unknown that was hidden in the sludge. He and a few others then ran to hide in the old church north of the cemetery. That's where they saw monstrous, inhumane things. I quote: "dead that appeared more alive than Chafers"! But I have no further information – the man had a panic attack and kept letting out bloodcurdling screams. He is now being cared for by Eniripsas trained to handle cases like this…

Further to the south, I received reports of several confrontations between the two tribes settled in the Moors. While the northern part of the region is now practically uninhabitable due to the drought that is spreading throughout the area, the southern part is in an ideal situation because various lakes have formed. This is one of the main reasons for the conflict between the two regions: access to water. Although I just about managed to contact each tribe, every time, our discussions were quickly interrupted by spears or rocks being thrown. Rocks! These confrontations are getting more and more dangerous – this conflict needs to be brought to an end!

And unfortunately, that's not all. As if that were not enough, strange magical phenomena have been appearing inadvertently to the north, near Lord Crow's estate. Travelers have been telling me that they observed swarms of black birds flying over the area and invading it, while there have been several disturbing disappearances. One walker even told me about the long (and apparently very interesting) discussion he had with a stranger while he was taking a break, leaning against a tree, before realizing it was actually a Crobak. A talking Crobak, perched on a tree, was telling him fables! If you want my opinion, that guy could use some care from a few Eniripsa specialists as well… In any case, we need to send someone to unravel the mysteries looming over these cursed ruins!

Finally, I must tell you about the alarming situation in Cania Forest. Although the forest area was mostly spared by the recent catastrophe, it is now a place of refuge for most of the survivors. They do not have any decent dwellings except for an old mill that was turned into a rescue station, as well as a few makeshift tents. Food supplies are running low and their reserves are being constantly attacked by the local fauna. We must help them as soon as possible, or their situation will get critical.

My letters have gone unanswered for weeks, yet it is essential to assist the survivors of the catastrophe and put an end to the threats Cania is facing.

May this message reach you as quickly as possible,

Melishandra Misty,
Captain of the Bontarian Militia
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