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Beta: Staying Above Water

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - May 20, 2020, 10:00:00
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Another major update is almost ready, and the beta phase starts today! Come check it out and test all the new changes.


Accessing the Beta

The beta is available now! To access it:
  • If you're on an Apple device, visit the App Store, look up the "DOFUS Touch Early" app, and download it.
  • With Google, you'll need to use this link on your mobile device to access it.

If you are unable to perform the update, please reinstall the application completely.

The beta NPC is available at [-2,0], Astrub Zaap, Incarnam (near the temple exit at [1,3]), and Madrestam Harbour, so you can buy some of the new equipment and resources at bargain prices.

To communicate with all of you, we're once again using the Discord reserved for the beta version of the game. So you can give us your feedback there, or otherwise in this section of the official forum (you may need to log out of the forum and log back in to unlock this section).

There is no need to report the same issues on both Discord and the forum.

No rewards are planned, but you'll have the satisfaction of contributing to the project's development.

No actions performed in this version of the game will have any impact on the classic servers.

Please don't forget that this is a beta version and you might encounter various issues. The point is to correct them before the official update!

Change to the Economy

A major change has been made to the game's economy, dealing with resources and equipment. To find out more, please read the devblog about it!

Drowning to Come Back Stronger

With this update, the reconstruction of Cania following the disaster caused by Epsilon is complete! This is in addition to many new features, including:
  • 3 new dungeons (level 120 to 160)
  • 3 new sets linked to bosses, as well as two weapons
  • 3 new shields from level 135 to 165
  • 40 new quests
  • 28 new achievements
  • a visual overhaul of Eltneg Wood

Changes to the Areas of Incarnam and Astrub


The level range for zones in Incarnam has been reduced. The overall zone is now recommended for levels 1 to 35, down from 50.

With regard to the area dungeon, the composition of monster groups has been changed. A room has also been removed. Achievements linked to the dungeon now unlock starting at level 30.

To avoid overwhelming new players with information, monster resources no longer drop off of Gobballs or Tofus. Resources required for quests have been converted into quest items to make sure players can obtain them and to avoid slowing progress at the beginning of the game.

Lairs and their associated sets have been adapted to these changes.


To ensure a more consistent transition between Incarnam and Astrub, then between Astrub and remaining zones, the composition of certain monsters by area (including the new ones), the level of some of these, along with their associated resources and equipment, have been modified.

Change to Giant Kralove's Lair

We felt that the opening system to reach the Giant Kralove boss was not adapted to the format of the game and remained very daunting, especially for more casual players. Not to mention that some players were regularly exploiting this system through dubious means. We would like to thank the players who took the time in organizing groups to open the dungeon, particularly through Discord.

The system has therefore been changed; Giant Kralove's lair will now be accessible automatically, from the 1st through the 7th of each month.

Accessing the dungeon during open times will be done the same way a standard dungeon is accessed, by using a key. However, the bunch of keys (keyring) will not be available for this dungeon.

The level, as well as the experience reward by the Giant Kralove, have been reviewed. It is now a level 180 monster, as shown in the achievement of the dungeon.

Messages will be automatically sent to the maps for each city Zaap, as well as the one for Otomai's Zaap, so that all players will be notified.

The messages will be intended for level 150 and above players. The message will differ depending on whether you have already completed the Otomai Island access quest or not.

A new ceremonial pet may now drop off of the boss: the Yakitako.

A new level-180 shield linked to the Kralove, the Tentacled Shield, has also been added to the game.

Ascension Island

  • A level 148 set is available at the resources tab sold by the merchant NPC, located in the room to the right of the dungeon entrance.
  • A level 200 set is available at the resources tab sold by the merchant NPC, located in the room to the right of the dungeon entrance.
  • A level 200 shield is available at the resources tab sold by the merchant NPC, located in the room to the right of the dungeon entrance.
  • A ceremonial petsmount has been added to the merchant NPC to the right of the entrance to Ascension.
  • The calculation of the monster stats sometimes made them stronger than their original version, this issue has been fixed.

Balancing Shields

The shield revamp offered last December seems to have been successful and the community has taken full advantage of it. Nevertheless, we noticed a persistent balancing problem as shield passives provided the same bonuses, regardless of the shield's or player's level.

These passives will now be balanced according to level, in the following way:

Shields with the Tenacity passive:
  • Levels 50 to 79: 1 MP and 7 MP Dodge
  • Levels 80 to 109: 1 MP and 9 MP Dodge
  • Levels 110 to 139: 1 MP and 11 MP Dodge
  • Levels 140 to 169: 1 MP and 13 MP Dodge
  • Levels 170 to 200: 1 MP and 15 MP Dodge

Shields with the Stoicism passive:
  • Levels 50 to 79: 16 Critical Resistance
  • Levels 80 to 109: 22 Critical Resistance
  • Levels 110 to 139: 28 Critical Resistance
  • Levels 140 to 169: 34 Critical Resistance
  • Levels 170 to 200: 40 Critical Resistance

Shields with the Speed passive:
  • Levels 50 to 79: 15 Dodge
  • Levels 80 to 109: 20 Dodge
  • Levels 110 to 139: 25 Dodge
  • Levels 140 to 169: 30 Dodge
  • Levels 170 to 200: 35 Dodge

Since the Altruism passive is proportional to HP, it remains unchanged.


  • In the combat preparation phase, latency when using custom sets has been fixed.
  • A grid has been added to the cells in tactical mode to enhance readability.



  • Range is now 1-2 at every level.
  • Power bonus is now 20/25/30/35/40/50.

Summoning of Koalak
  • The heal triggered by the Koalak is now reduced. 


Draining Word
  • AP cost has increased to 4.
  • Area of effect is now a cross.
  • The spell effects have been modified
    • AP drain is kept
    • Deals Air damage
    • Erosion on the caster is now for 2 turns
    • Cooldown of 1 turn
    • Max range at level 1 is now 2
    • Range is no longer modifiable

Wounding Word
  • Limit of two casts per target.
  • Damage has been increased.
  • Heals allies around the target for 50% of the damage dealt
  • Critical hit is now the same at all levels of the spell.

The damage of these spells takes into account the Eniripsa's agility. This has not been changed.


  • Damage has been decreased at all levels of the spell.

Natural Attack
  • Damage has been increased at all levels of the spell.

  • The range has been increased by one at every level. It is now 2/2/3/3/3/4.


  • The spell has no effect when cast on an opponent.


Tree of Life
  • Whenever a Sadida uses a Groot summon and encounters an invisible player, an explanatory message will appear in the chat.

Doll Knowledge
  • Using the spell in empty space no longer triggers the spell for all dolls in combat.


  • Can no longer be used to hit an invulnerable boss.


  • The heals calculation of Osamodas' Summoning of Koalak and Eniripisa's Wounding Word is now correctly calculated after taking into account the target's resistances.


  • Mass crafting is now instantaneous for all professions, except smithmagic.
  • The name of the profession "Shield Smith" has been changed to "Artificer".
  • Shield workshops have been added to the Kolossium and Trophy workshops have been added to Pandala and Mount Neselite.
  • The in-game resource "metaria" is now obtained by having Artificers craft them.
  • The Still Water resource has been removed from Butcher and Hunter recipes, replaced by Onion.
  • Books intended for consulting available crafters in the blacksmith, fisherman, alchemist, and jeweler professions have been added to the Stubbyob zone.
  • The minimum level of the hunting profession required to collect each meat is now indicated in their respective descriptions.
  • Crafting planks now additionally requires Plant Resin.
  • It is now possible to learn the Alchemist profession from the NPC Dragonsly, located at [4,-18] in Astrub. The profession is learned directly; the NPC meeting sequence has been removed. It can also be learned from various other alchemist NPCs that previously appeared during the apprenticeship process.


  • The pet Baby Crowdzilla is now earned from one of the new quests linked to the Lord Crow zone, no longer from the Lord's dungeon. This pet has also been removed from the Crow Set.
  • There is now an in-game tutorial on the use of shields.
  • The number of Bwork scalps required for the quest "The Free Goblin Syndicate" has been reduced.
  • During the quest "Pandala: Its Fresh Air", it is no longer possible to retrigger the NPC Timouss's dialogue after completing the step "Skedaddling".


  • The registration form is now more readable within the app. Previously, the device keyboard would hide most text fields.
  • NPCs for accessing your bank are now available on Ascension Island at [-73,-17], and in the Stubbyob zone at [-25,-20].
  • The Incarnam fountain located at [-2,2] no longer allows you to recover HP.
  • A new monster has been added to Moon Island: the Rokoko.
  • A new monster has been added to Astrub Forest: the Astrub Squirrel.
  • A new monster has been added to the Cania Fields, replacing the Green Mouse: the Beaztinga.
  • A new monster has been added to the Cania Fields, replacing the Plissken: the Plains Larva.
  • A new monster has been added to the Cemetery of Heroes: the Garglyph.
  • As a result, certain archmonsters have been modified.
  • The following monsters have undergone changes with their level, spells, or their resistances: Fungi Master, Glukoko, Ambusher, Oni, Neye, Bulbush, Bulbiflor and Bulbamboo.
  • The minimum level required to take the stagecoach to the Bonta Cemetery has been lowered.
  • The stagecoach trips to Amakna Village and Astrub work properly now.
  • The ceremonial daggers from the Pink Dragoone Set no longer provide stat bonuses.
  • The entrance to the Bworker Dungeon has been moved to [-15,14].
  • The monsters and level of the area "Gisgoul, the Devastated Village" have been updated.
  • Bworker Tokens can be redeemed for new rewards from the NPC Krowbe Jondon, located at [-12,-14] at the Trool Fair.
  • The size of the Snailmate pet has been modified.
  • The Sun Demon Cape has been adjusted on characters.
  • Various texts and translations have been added and corrected in the game.
  • Various maps in the World of Twelve have been corrected.
  • English only: The Limpwrist challenge has been renamed "Fainthearted".
  • A new chat command is available: /cellid. This allows you to identify the cell on which your character is located.
  • A dialog is now available when exiting the Gobball dungeon as well as the Bworks dungeon without receiving a pet reward.

Thanks in advance to all the players who will take the time to give us feedback on these new features and changes during the beta phase!
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Hello Ankama staff, I appreciate a lot the list you have prepared to notify us the materials and equipment that we need to break before they are removed after the update, but can I suggest that these items are labelled with some sort of simple symbol to let us identify them easily by adding these labels in next week's maintenance? For example, an exclamation point at the top right corner of the icon for that item or equipment in the inventory slot, or giving it some sort of coloured frame.

I know this sounds simpler than it actually is because the amount of items and equipments are very huge, but it also allows players to be able to distinguish them very quickly and take action to remove them as soon as possible to facilitate the update.

Edit; fixed a grammar error in my message.

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Score : 2

Are you kidding me? You spicified since the beginning of the game that you wouldn't take the 2.0 formula, and now this? It's the exact same path with minimal changes. Why to touch the Feca???? We only have 3 attack spells and blindness is the second time you reduce the damage. Profession till level 200??? What the diddlydoo is wrong with you? It's hard to get level 100 by movil dispositives, now you want me to take me more time? Ankama seriously you're wasting this game just like you did before.

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Score : 1


I do not understand the range nerf to Osa's spell tumult. The entire point of being a chance osa is to have a single-target RANGED version of punch of the crackler. Punch of Crackler is now 3 range and covers an AOE of 3 cells. This means you can have MAX range on punch of the crackler of 5. If you have 6 range, you will have max range of 8 on Tumult. For just 3 range and single target damage, it does not make sense to be chance and use tumult now over being intelligence and using POC.

I would suggest that you either KEEP the same power buff at max level 200, or keep the range of tumult what it is now also at level 200. I can understand tumult being overpowered for lower levels since you can be level 131 and have a powerful spell that is 1-10 range with 100% power buff. The COMBINED nerf of power and range to tumult makes the class entirely unappealing at level 200 to be chance build or heavy chance. You guys are effectively forcing ALL osas to be intelligence at level 200.

Please for the love of God, reconsider either the range nerf or the power nerf on Tumult.

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Score : 2

Can you reset osamodas characters stats?
Im switching to int

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Score : 31

Osa isn’t a strong class, and you are gonna destroy its strongest attack.

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Score : 1

There are no end game sets that are 6 summons, 6 range, decent chance/power. Most Osas' will be a position where Tumult is only 1 range better then Punch of the Crackler. Effectively, this update is forcing all Osa's to intelligence build. They already had better heals and comparable damage. Now they will have better heals, better damage @ AOE, and with a Corrupted Bow great damage at range.

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Score : 1

Why not add alignment battles like the old dofus? People pvp one another for wing size was great and gave having an alignment reason unlike now where theres no benifit or any 3xtra you can do.

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Score : 1

¿no piensan en los jugadores?
que les ocurre

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Score : 1

Dear to whom which developers thought to re-make the osa's skills on touch.

Thank you so much for the changes. Now osa has been changed for the SINGLE TARGET dd/dps why the heck are you are you chasing tumult. First of all I maybe understand the power change but to knock off 50% is not okay. osa's are weak without summons and that gives them a good level playing field. Not to mention that it takes 3 turns before you get max dragon or whichever summon. I would agree on taking 20% off of tumult but not 50% that is silly.. Secondly the range.... what is the point in that spell? you might swell remove it if you're taking the range from 1-7 to 1-2. The whole point you putting that spell in is to give os's a new dynamic and don't feel so useless.
The only up point I can say is that Koalak was OP for heals. fine that's not a problem.
Maybe you should be focused on not trying to rebalance osa because of the people complaining they can't play osa properly or OP (which to be fair they really not).
or even better Re-make it again because clearly you've screwed everyone over.

kindest Regards,

The osa which doesn't like the new changes smile

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Score : 4

supongo que los cambios al eni, también se les incluirá un cambio en las características,ya que no tendría lógica que los dejen así sabiendo lo mucho cuesta agilidad.

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Score : 1

OSA is 100% op i played against in kollo in all levels from 50-200 in all their levels they were so op

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Score : 2

Porque no colocaron nuevo set 200 y mascotura de apariencia para ser probada beta solo puede comprar por fabhufichas de isla ascencion pero seria bueno set no ahy recursos para hacerlo

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Score : 27

The range nerf on Tumult is unacceptable. Now you are forcing Chance Osas to play close range when Intelligence Osas get it all. This is a huge mistake, and sends the message that you only want Intelligence to be a viable build. 

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Score : -12

When will the missions of the dofus Emerald?

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Score : 16

Me parece perfecto el hecho de snerfear al osamodas y al aneripsa pero aún siguen estando demasiado fuertes comparado con itras razas les pido revisar el conjunto de habilidades de los srams tienen que hacerle algun cambio beneficioso ya sea quitarle la linea de vision de linea recta a trampa mortal o algo porque se esta quedando atras de muchas otras razas viendo tambien que 6 razas le quitan invisibilidad no hay igualdad de fuerzas entre muchas razas y sram es una de las que mas se esta quedando atras

1 0
Score : 1

Pondran al selotrop en algun momento ?

0 0
Score : 2

Cuando vuelven abrir el Server Brutas para crear personajes tengo amigos hay y no he podido empezar a jugar

0 0
Score : -10

bueno esto quiere decir que pontran actualizaciones de 2.0 cuando dijeron que no lo hiban hacer

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Score : 1

Ajajja eso nerfeen más ese triple hpta osamodas jajaja y llorenlo jajaja antes agradezcan que no les tocaron las invos jajaja 

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