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Maintenance, Updates, and Server Backup

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - May 28, 2020, 14:00:00

We regularly conduct maintenance on our game servers; this is to ensure they are running properly. When servers are undergoing maintenance, they may be unavailable for several hours. Here is an overview of the various possible cases.

We conduct weekly maintenance every Tuesday for DOFUS Touch.

Server maintenance generally occurs from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM (Paris time), but it may run later if complications arise.



  • Game server maintenance – Shutting down and then restarting the game servers allows us to avoid certain issues related to game latency that accumulate if the servers aren't regularly restarted.

  • Complete backup of game server data – We have a system for backing up all game data when the servers are running (without disrupting the game), but we also perform backups when the servers are offline.

  • Server operation updates – The server program and game data are sometimes updated, so these must be swapped out for the more recent version.

  • Patches available in the changelog are added to the game.

  • During maintenance, our testing team verifies that additions and patches are working properly.


As you can see, maintenance requires the involvement of several different teams. It is therefore preferable to do it during working hours so that as many people as possible are available to respond to any issues that may arise.

So, why Tuesday in particular?


Simply because, if a problem does arise after an update or maintenance operation, our teams can take action over the next few days. This also partly explains why, except in rare cases, we avoid performing server maintenance on Friday.

It's also worth noting that Tuesday morning is one of the times when the least amount of players are logged in.

  • There is more traffic in the evening and on weekends than in the morning.

  • As DOFUS Touch is an international game, there are players online at any time of day or night.


Unscheduled maintenance


In some cases (updates, fixes for technical problems, etc.), we may need to perform unscheduled maintenance on the game servers.
These maintenance operations are announced in the forums (on the homepage) and on Twitter. The Server Status section allows you to track potential compensation or other information, such as a rollback.

Sometimes we're unable to announce these in advance, for example if a critical bug needs to be patched very quickly. Please forgive us in advance for any fights cancelled or playtime missed during these procedures, but this kind of maintenance is crucial in order for the game to run properly.

Automatic backup


Several times a day, connections to the game servers are blocked for about 10 minutes so that the server databases can be backed up.

These backups are made 4 times a day.

We're aware that this causes latency issues, and we'll work to fix the problem as quickly as possible.


The frequency of major updates for DOFUS Touch is an average of 3 to 4 months.

Outside of these periods, even when maintenance operations don't provide new in-game content or fixes visible to players, they allow us to ensure that our databases and servers are functioning correctly.

Certain minor changes may be made during weekly maintenance, as these don't present a major "threat". For more significant changes, we prefer to wait until a major update is deployed so that they'll be tested more thoroughly, particularly during beta testing.

Now you know more about how maintenance, updates, and backup procedures work. We hope that your various queries have been answered!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to EllDuque

Hi EllDuque,

We have already increased the capacity of Brutas but it's very popular during this time. Rest assured, the team is thinking of alternative solutions.


See message in context
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Score : 195

Hello maintenance team, there are fishing maps that don’t allow the longest ranged rods to fish from, can you please check this out?

My in game name is Formz, you can message me on forum or game for more information!

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Score : 450

These new classes look interesting – when will Developer, Tester, and Community Manager be released in the game? Can you tell us about their abilities? Tester looks like a tank, will be be getting another defensive class?

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¿Alguien puede pensar en los que juegan el martes a la mañana?

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Thank you for updates like these. biggrin The transparency and promotion of education and discussion of how the game works is one of the main reasons why I'm so fond of this game developer.

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Estoy cansada de comprar pack para perderlos porque cadi siempre que intento acceder el servidor esta caído o en mantenimiento. 

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Score : 2

Cuando solucionan el problema con el Servidor Brutas para crear un personaje llevo 1 mes esperando para poder jugar y no he podido porque tengo hay a mis amigos

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Score : 210

Time to upgrade then as Grandapan has become a joke at the same time most days. Shifting new Brutas players here, thank you so much

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Score : 133

What happen i now have 5 Days Premium and cant join any serer, "Saying cant reach server, the maybe inst online" my internet its OK, and server status list say Brutas and Grandpa its Online... Help with this.

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Score : 1

Server Brutas are completed and i cannot enjoy .... why you dont fix that ?

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Dofus el único juego que le cierra las puertas a nuevos jugadores que gran empresa! es una broma?? obligan a la fuerza a jugar en servidores internacionales vacíos donde no están sus amigos, si no pueden crear otro servidos por lo menos pueden maximizar la capacidad del servidor.....

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Hi EllDuque,

We have already increased the capacity of Brutas but it's very popular during this time. Rest assured, the team is thinking of alternative solutions.


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Porqué no crean nuevos servidores de habla hispana, nuestra comunidad es grande y solo tenemos un servidor, de re peso muchas personas usan bots y hacen el juego más lento, otro servidor no haría daño al juego.

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Olá e bom trabalho a todos os desenvolvedores.

Bem, serei direto.

gostaria de saber, se sera possivel implementar as ordens de busca tanto brakmarianas quanto bontarianas no jogo pois, creio eu, que é desnecessario ter asas se nao se obtem vantagem alguma em gastar tempo evoluindo elas.
Caros desenvolvedores tenho certeza que nao sou o unico que pensa assim pois seria uma diversao imensa voce lutar entre alinhamentos contra personagens do mesmo nivel ao longo da sua longa caminhada ao 200.
Se for para me dizer que o KOLIZEUM esta aqui para substituir as batalhas de alinhamento direi que estao errados pois o kolizeu é chato demais alem de injusto 87% das vezes.
Obrigado pela atençao e continuem o bom trabalho. Deus nos abençoe.

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The quest “Trip around the world” is bugged you can’t talk to the Key Master.

The Goultines option in the “Market” is not available and also unable to buy things in the “Shop” with kamas. This is a bug you should look into its been their for days maby even a week “Grandpan Server”

Why cant i use my goultines to buy items in market such as gear?

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Hi Omegapower,

Thanks for the report, we will check it. For future bug reports, please share them here.


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