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Event: In Honor of a Goddess

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - December 16, 2020, 14:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

From today until December 28, put how you feel about the goddess Pandawa into poetry to try to win some great prizes!

After the Pandala revamp, it seemed obvious that we needed to honor Pandawa with a new writing contest! And not just any kind of writing – it's time to say it with haiku.

If you have the soul of a poet, now is the time to show us your talent!

What's a haiku?

A haiku is a short poem that can give pride of place to all kinds of things. For this contest, your haiku must follow very specific rules! It can only have three lines and 17 syllables in total.
  • The first line must have 5 syllables.
  • The second line must have 7 syllables.
  • The third line must have 5 syllables.

Here's an example of a haiku from one of our poetic game designers:
A star awakens,
Caressed by a memory,
Bow Meow purring.

Contest Concept

In addition to the rules above, your poem must also honor the goddess Pandawa and comply with the forum rules.

From now through Monday, December 28, at 12:00 PM (Paris time), you can post your entry in the comments of this article.

Only one entry is allowed per person.


Two winners will be chosen. Our team will choose their favorite haiku, and another haiku will be drawn at random from among all the participants. Winners will receive:
  • 10 sharivakens (more info)
  • 5,000 goultines
  • the "Write" emote

Poetic friends, it's time to get out your pens!

ANKAMA GAMES (Lille Metropolitan Area Companies and Commerce Register No. 492 360 730) located at 75 bd d'Armentières, 59100 Roubaix – France is organizing from 12/16/2020 at 2 p.m. (Paris time) to 12/28/2020 at 12:00 p.m. (Paris time) a free, no-purchase-necessary contest entitled "In Honor of a Goddess" open to all private individuals worldwide. To participate, write a haiku honoring the goddess Pandawa and post your contribution in the comments. Two winners will be designated per game community: one by a jury, and one by a random drawing. Prize value per winner: €18.00. Full contest rules and regulations are available at the following link.
First Ankama intervention
Hello everyone,

Thank you for the entries. Kindly give us ample time to check them out!

See message in context
Reactions 98
Score : 17
Barrels and barrels
Straws colliding tenderly
Past sobriety
0 0
Score : 731
Work from home 2020
Now Martello 290th
Glad I’m Twelvian
1 -1
Score : 103
Beautiful goddess,
drunken since the beginning
laughing and cheering.
0 0
Score : 100
the Year 636 you ascended
Dead blop juice did you ferment
Pints with straws to share
0 0
Score : 5
Wind Blows,
Wrath of God descend upon you,
Iop’s got brains.
0 0
Score : 1020
A landscape transformed
Old sites feel new and different
Her booze still divine
0 0
Score : 2
New Bridge Opened
To Free our spirit
With Pandawa Blessing
0 0
Score : 300
The Goddess Arises
A Journey Anew
Praise The Sun
0 0
Score : 1
A wandering thought,
goddess of unique spirits,
worshipped by the drunk
0 0
Score : -12
si me mareo
puede que esté borracho
de tu mirada.
0 -1
Score : 1
noche sin luna
la tempestad estruja
los viejos cedros
0 0
Score : 37
Drunken Pandawa
Bless my big jar of root beer
To be very drunk
0 0
Score : 2
Alcohol mientras
Pandala me espera
en Primavera
0 0
Score : 1
A goddess herself,
adored by the drunk,
the burp awakens.
0 0
Score : 173
Melancholy sun,
Drowned by booze and bamboo milk,
Hangover awaits.
0 0
Score : -12
A star awakens,
Caressed by a memory,
Bow Meow purring.
0 -1
Score : 2
The hero is Born
The sun goes down
the maid has fallen
0 0
Score : 1
fuerte diosa
0 0
Score : 4
Goddess quench our thirst,
for the throats are dry again,
worship endlessly.
0 0
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