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DOFUS Touch Missive #14

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - January 14, 2021, 14:00:00
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can you please lower the cost in kama of 7 days bonus pack, lots of players are struggleling to make kamas because you need to lvl up first but in order to lvl up you first need the bonus pack which cost a lot and the progress is not even that much that allows to buy the pack only once so one must keep on buying multiple times. Thank you

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Delete store button. More options for game window.

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Hi Gefestel,

Thanks for the suggestion, we've taken note of it.


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Hey there what about the different services that can only be purchased by using glutines as class change for example, so fair players have to be penalize on not having the chance of changing their class because of others? 

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Lo mejor que pueden hacer es balancear las Clases, Por ejemplo el Osamodas, Es una Clase demasiado Rota, Y realmente si no cambian eso el juego terminara peor que Clash Royale jajaja

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Aun no hay una solución en la tienda para Colombia, necesito comprar gultinas :c, hay otras formas de pago como pse por medio de esta pagina. o tarjetas de regalo.

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Hello everyone,

Due to an increase in fraudulent purchases, we have blocked all purchases from Colombia, including Progress Packs, for an indefinite period. Thank you for your understanding.


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Being gone for a long time. I stopped because it was getting boring on dodge. Mainly because of two reasons.
1) The main alliance (HUE), was keeping the server down, mainly because of multiloggers
2) frigost is almost entirely locked by multiloggers. I know the difficulty of single players to form a frigost group beyond the first area, but it got ridicules how solo play in frigost was not interactive AT ALL.

I play casuel, and there is no future plans to play on a pc the coming years. I have had good encounters with multiloggers. They are just people. There is good and bad. And I want then to play. But that is the problem. Dofus touch is now multi or no interaction if you play solo. Even at cawwot dofus.

So I find myself periodically checking every 3-6 months for new updates in either a dofu touch mono server, or a touch merger with the pc. For all the content in the world I don’t care at all. I just want dofus to be an interactive game again for solo players like me. Nothing more, nothing less.

I hope these wishes reaches ankama. But in the meantime, please leave a pro or a con for a mono server or merger with pc and touch.

With pleasant regards, an opportunistic former dofus player wishing to return

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