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Devblog: Cra Revamp

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - April 28, 2021, 14:00:00
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Disappointed. This signals a shift towards bad changes that ruined pc. You took one of the most straightforward classes and added a bunch of nonsense. And if there is one thing that should be avoided most, it’s unhealthy ai-breaking spells. We don’t need to see level 50 count solos in touch. Maybe it will look better in gameplay but I severely hope this isn’t going to be your approach for classes moving forward.

We are lacking content, not balancing.

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Hello everyone,

Here is our feedback to your questions about the Cra revamp:

Summoning/Recall Beacon - Special Spell

Does the beacon have lock?
A: No.

Can it be moved or pushed?    
A: Yes.
"Only three beacons can be on the field at the same time", does it stack with allies and enemies?    

A: 3 beacons per Cra but the spells are only replicated on the launcher's beacon regardless of the number of beacons of all Cra present on the field.

Do you need to target the beacon when casting an AoE spell? 
A: Yes    

What if the monster is in between 2 beacons, does it mean you can cast 1 spell then the damage will double? 

A: Yes.


Why does it stay visible and then become invisible? 
A: Unlike the Sram, the Cra trap remains visible for one turn to counteract its effect and its short recast delay. It is then "enough" to remember its initial position.


What will happen to the dopple after these changes? Both the spell and the temple one (assuming they are not removed). 
A: The spells will be modified.

Spell Settings

A: The spell details such as AP, MP, range, cast per turn, cast per target, and other settings can be seen once we have started the beta.
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Question on AOE spells: if i target the beacon, does the "main" spell effect still activate? or does only the "beacon" effect activate?

Is friendly fire enabled on AOE spells? (does explosive arrow/beacon explosion or other AOE still hit allies?) -> doesnt seem consistent with feca glyph and osa punch, altho it is consistent with mass trap, sword of iop...

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Oh, developers are paying attention. In that case question:

I see the burning state on many spells but it seems only one, Explosive Arrow, makes a direct reference to its effects, namely that those in the burned state take extra damage from the spell. Does the burned state have any other effects or spell interactions? Does it act like a poison that does damage every turn? And does it unbewitch itself after a certain number or turns or is it infinite like the tracked state Osas can inflict (and, for that matter, can it be unbewitched by spells like Insolent Brambles and Word of Youth)?

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This revamp doesn't make any sense. Cras has always been a good starter class, at low level it has a lot of power and it doesn't require too many mechanics, it is a great option for new players. On the other hand, depending on the build, the gameplay changes, PvP oriented builds need to timing up their spells very carefully to be able to cause as much damage as possible. This revamp adds unnecessary complexity to the Cra class, it also generates the need of updating most of the remaining classes, as they will be left behind. Sooner or later this game will end up like the pc version with spell variants and all that crap. New players will drop the game very quickly.

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I didn't play cra that much cause got bored with it really fast. It was a way too simple. Basically just hit enemies from a distance and almost zero utility. This revamp looks really fun. I'll surely make a cra after this is imppemented

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Sin utilidad? quita pa, pm, alcance, deja estado pesado, empuja 4pm en linea recta y 2pm con dispersion, ademas si es de agi se cura a si mismo, es un gran personaje de utilidad y daño. 

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I love it!!!

This is similar to the Wakfu Cra, same elemental ways, similar spells, the beacon as the center of very elaborated plays, even the mechanics behind the spell branches (Burning effect, MP removal, Positioning). This gives the cra a new way to play it, meaning more tactics, more ways to outplay, and a variated gameplay with interactions between spells (e.g. preparing a group of mobs with burning effect using Armor-piercing arrow, and then burst them with Explosive arrow)


Now the bad things about this: the removal of the water branch, and the lack of the powerful shooting and Bow skill...

I don't understand the need of removing an entire branch to make the cra more versatile (It's kinda contradictory). Abolition , Pursuit and Plaguing arrow can be made into the water branch, just need to focus the effects in other mechanic, other way this will leave pure chance cra with useless equipments in their inventories

The lack of damage boosting spells (Powerful shooting and Bow skill) means less damage per turn for the cra, I'm hoping that the base damage of the spells will be compensated for this, or make the beacons boost the damage per beacon summoned, or maybe amplify the damage when using beacons, the Lashing arrow just does'nt seem enough for me, even tho it is an AoE boost

I can't hide my excitement after reading the spells description, they look amazing, this changes the way to play cra, the burst in the fire branch, the power and diversity in the earth branch, and the sneaky but exhausting air branch.

I'm eager to try it!! 
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súper, me encanta la idea. para cuando esto? smile

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Me gustaria que por primera vez pensaran en los jugadores realmente de dofus de corazon no de jugadores nuevos que vienen a llorar ya que muchos en mi caso llevo 12 años siguiendo el juego primero en dofus pc infinito y lo cambiaron y ahora cambian este. Tengo un ocra lvl 150 que con amor al juego siempre quize tenerlo de suerte y me lo hice de suerte y compre un set de suerte batallando para que ahora lo cambien dejando abajo a los que tenemos sets con ese elemento, pueden pensar tan sencillo como solo vendelo pero acaso el juego me comprara mi set o me dara un set de otro elemento por ese ??. Pienso que no esta bien.

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Por qué eliminaron la rama de suerte? lo interesante que tenian los ocras era la versatilidad elemental que podian tener

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Hello everyone,

Here is our feedback to your questions:

If I target the beacon, does the "main" spell effect still activate? Or does only the "beacon" effect activate?
A: The effect is replicated (so it is activated on the target beacon + on the others if ever).

Is friendly fire enabled on AOE spells? (does explosive arrow/beacon explosion or other AOE still hit allies?).
A: Yes.

Does the burned state act like a poison that does damage every turn? And does it unbewitch itself after a certain number or turns or is it infinite?
A: Yes like a poison, and it is temporary.

Score : 56
Como jugador de Ocra lvl 200 con manejo absoluto del personaje y experiencia de mas de 5 años, exijo que en el momento en que los cambios se realicen ademas de reiniciar puntos de hechizo/caracteristicas, hagan entrega de una pocima de cambio de personaje. No podria estar mas en desacuerdo con los cambios a realizar, considero que el ocra pierde la escencia de ser un arquero de gran utilidad, daño y facil uso haciendolo dependiente de una invocacion.   
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Onefifty here with a few questions about the numbers related to cra damage output. Often classes such as the cra and iop were all about pushing out the highest damage numbers with their str/cha build, the build I found most enjoyable. With "Summoning of Beacon" will we still see these high damage outputs? For example, a punitive arrow (3rd charge) + atonement arrow (3rd charge) = 8 AP with the highest base numbers of all classes (except Iop's Wrath 2nd charge).

Will the damage per AP be lowered when considering extra AP must be spent to summon beacon for AoE spells? For example, the "Summoning of Beacon" cost per AP + the cost for casting the AoE spell + A buff to plus damage% = the same damage per AP output as double explosive arrow + one burning arrow.

Thanks for for time and attension.

Your Friend,

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Loved the beacon ideia , can't wait for other class changes

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What about the report system in Koli? I'm tired of people that surrender to downgrade the average.

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Just a comment on the explosive arrow spell. I think its description should be similar to other spells and say: "When the spell targets a beacon, the effect is also replicated on the Cra's other beacons on the field."

As is ("The effect is also replicated on the Cra's other beacons on the field"), I interpret that the Cra can hit anywhere in the map, and the beacons will activate anyway. (or is this the intended effect?)

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I do wish Chance Cra can still be reconsidered to be one of the Cra Paths. Beacon system seems.....weird but I guess it is an improvement for Long Term Battles. Would rather have a spell that affects the area like a glyph instead as a Occupied Cell Summon.

If that’s the case will the Vitality be based on the Cra’s HP or is it fixed?

My previous question relates to the Beacon’s Vitality to clarify.

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Hello everyone,

Here is our feedback to your questions:

With the new Beacon mechanic, will the Cra still be a high damage dealer class?
A: Yes.

To trigger the effect of Explosive Arrow, do you need to target the beacon or just target the area where the beacon is?
A: To use the beacon effect, the beacon must be the target of the spell.

The HP of the beacon is based on the Cra's HP or it has a fixed HP?
A: Both (fixed + bonus according to caster's HP), same with other summons like the dopple, flying sword, cawotte, chafer etc.

Score : 74

A much needed rework - Thank you Ankama !

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I really do not like this. I came back to dofus with dofus touch because of the changes in the pc version. This feels like we are going down the same route. Please don't destroy the cra.

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