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Feedback on Dopple Spells

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - May 07, 2021, 15:30:00
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The survey on the future of Dopple spells has ended, and it's time to share the results!

Dopeuls DOFUS Touch

A few weeks ago, we proposed the following three ideas related to Dopple spells earned at level 200:
  1. Completely remove these spells
  2. Replace Dopples with a new common summon, which would be controllable for 2 turns and have a recast time of a few turns. It would have three spells: the first for attacking a target in the player's best element, a second for pushing a target back a few cells, and a third for performing a minor heal.
  3. Leave Dopples as they are and balance the damage done by certain spells without modifying their effects

Thousands of you participated in the survey, and we thank you!

Without further ado, here are the results:
  • Option 1: 18.32%
  • Option 2: 40.47%
  • Option 3: 41.21%

So, it's a close call between the last two options.

In light of these results, and after closely reviewing your feedback, we'd like to work on a compromise that we hope will please as many players as possible.

Changes Coming to Dopple Spells

We'd like to offer a solution that factors in the key elements of options 2 and 3, as summarized below:
  • Each Dopple will have spells used only by the Dopple, replacing spells shared by the class and its Dopple.
  • Each Dopple will be controllable and will automatically disappear after 2 turns. The cooldown will be more or less the same as it is now.
  • The spell's AP cost will be reduced.
  • Dopples' stats won't be based on the caster (as is currently the case).

A template will be used for the spells:
  • A generic damage spell: 3 AP; 2 uses per turn. Range and damage values will be identical across different Dopples. The spell's element will be based on the Dopple using it, which we've determined for each class.
  • A damage spell with an effect related to the caster's class: 4 AP; 1 use per turn. Damage will vary depending on the effect.
  • A utility spell related to the caster's class: 2 AP; 1 use per turn.

Spell effects linked to class will be done in such a way that their respective advantages will be equal across all classes.

We're taking this opportunity to remove binding effects from certain Dopples, like the AP or MP reduction that provided an unfair advantage, particularly in PvP.

We'll get back to you later with more details on the effects of each Dopple's spells.

Timeframe for Implementing Changes

We would like to modify all Dopples with a single update. We can't necessarily confirm this will be done at the same time as the class overhauls and balancing to be implemented this summer, but we'll try our best to make it happen.

At any rate, we're confident that this topic will be definitively wrapped up within the year, as previously announced.

Our thanks again to all the players who took time out to complete the survey and provide detailed feedback in the forums!

See you all soon in the World of Twelve!
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Score : 73
Ah no please replace the dopple spell, its so old and boring, doesnt even feel rewarding for reaching 200 :c
1 -1
Score : 1
parece que vai ficar bom, assim, gostaria q ao chegar ao 200 pudesemos escolher os poderes como no pc, mas este doplem parece bom
0 0
Score : 1020
If this is the option can we just remove them outright and go with option 1? Especially if the plan is to make them controllable since people are just going to use them to stall in AvA fights even more than they already do.
1 0
Score : 181
I'm quite surprised that Option 1 was that low, but I suppose it won't matter. I'm curious how you seem to want to make the dopples relatively balanced across the board but still useful, when some classes like Osa have many more useful alternatives.
0 0
Score : 731
The turn duration for these controllable summons needs to be only 10-15 seconds. We cannot just give every level 200 player the ability to waste a full extra 30 seconds in AVA or KOTH fights.
3 0
Score : 705
Oh god please no. 
0 0
Score : 232
Results are a little surprising but we’ll see. I feel There is no win in this situation. You will put in work and the Dopples are still lame and you wasted your time because no one is using them. On the other hand, they are good and everybody is using them, thanks for bogging down fights, it becomes an issue and you have to change them and wasted even more time

upon analysing the post a bit, the Dopples do seem more interesting. “no more share spell” could mean we can see the return of old, 1.29, spells being implemented here. Which is neat. But my point still stands with giving everybody a summon is questionable.

Not crazy about them but also dont hate the changes
0 0
Score : 73
Okok how about, we replace dopples with some fun spells from Dofus PC? It might not be THAT original, but we create a bigger diversity and playstyle for every class which is super cool! I really dont want dopples inside the game of our classes, they dont bring anything new to the table. Dopples have been here for over 10 years, lets change the game up a bit and have some cool unlockable spells at 200 instead of a common summon that ... does things?
Last thing about dopples, they are a universal summon, only the Xelor Dopples does something else and thats casually taking AP sometimes.
Please give every class a new class spell at 200, it would bring up the skill celling of the endgame 200s PvPers which is super nice and exciting for the game!
Please smile
0 -2
Score : 513
¡Impossible! That's your opinion, but surveys show that the community appreciates and symbolizes the dopples by winning options 2 and 3. This is not PC dofus.
0 0
Score : 211
I like the changes you propose. Having a controlable summon that can make 3 damage spell (one of them with an effect) and use a utility spell, per turn, during two turns is great. However, is important to define the damage amount and the effects in order to keep a balance in the trade-off between the greatness of this Spell lvl 200 and the class balance.
2 0
Score : 513
Exactly. I totally agree with you. Although giving us the opportunity to control them is a big step, they will have more playability. In fact, doppels turn out to be better supports.
0 0
Score : 18
I actually don’t hate this.
0 0
Score : 18
Debería ser un hechizo de regalo cuándo cumples el logro de matar 100 veces todos los dopeuls... pocas veces lo he visto en acción a los dopeuls... Prefiero el hechizo de invocar un empujador y curandero y que se manipulable...
0 0
Score : 513
1)Recompenzar un hechizo por completar un logro es mejor para el hechizo especial de clase no para los dopeuls.... 2)los has visto pocas veces porque no estan equilibradas y en algunas clases no vale la pena lanzarlos... 3)Ese hechizo que buscas ya lo tienen los sadias, juega con los sadias.
0 0
Score : 8
Que asco entonses para que fue la votación
0 0
Score : 513
Ps es obvio para recopilar la opinion de la comunidad, y han acertado. Los resultados no mienten.
1 0
Score : 513
>>> Yeiii !!!!  Very very cool. The surveys are a reflection of what this community wants and I respect it. The changes seem very important to me, I trust the work of u Ankama, thank you for listening to us and giving us the participation to show our point of view.

We will be aware of the changes, keep going, we support you. <3
0 0
Score : 161
Dopple spells really bad and should be replaced. It will be to unbalanced if sram or roguer can push on their traps and walls enemies. Maybe u wanna make that osamodas dopple spawned extra samons that won't disapear ? Options 2 and 3 really bad. If u suggested to change them change spells 200 or just dont suggest change anything.
1 0
Score : 105
Nice, now we can keep our useless relic from a bygone Era as the most powerful skill for every character who reach lvling 200, "tHiS iS NoT dofUS pC" argument is getting old and useless, this game isn't meant to be dofus 2 retro either guys and by keeping the game too rooted in old meta instead of adding more endgame features beyond the lvl cap you are giving little to no reason for veterans to keep playing the game :/
3 0
Score : 272
Por aí se vê que o DT está fadado a morte, sendo uma mera cópia do Dofus de PC.

Que lástima essa geração Nutela e o non-sense da Empresa...
0 0
Score : 295
The only thing that bothers me is that the summon will now be temporary, it should be permanent (until Dopples loses all their HP) but that each player can summon only one.
0 0
Score : 705

So the community loves to stall fights even more by keeping a summon that uses up a cell in battle to prolong the time.

First Cra with their Beacon and now Eni’s with Flasks AND a Coney. Despite needing summons to cast them, the results that DO exploit this tactic will be very game breaking in a disturbing way.

For once I’d rather have all classes do erosion at this point just for fights to end quicker that these stalling tactics.
0 0
Score : 705
However changes are necessary since certain dopples are too strong for their own good so I’ll be looking forward to more discussion changes. Way better improvement than having nothing these past few years.
0 0
Score : 1
Replace them with sidekicks at 200.

Also please give us headhunter. PVP so dead, focus on the good and fun things.
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