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Summary: Duplication Bug

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - June 08, 2021, 18:00:00
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Thank you for trying to keep us playing in the best way possible.
Hope you get the best solution soon!

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I want the possibility to transfer characters to another server and a new heroic server for fun. About compensation maybe bonus pack but no candy's please.

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What is this actually about? Ok, on the one hand there is a technical problem that probably didn't really affect 95% of the players (at least on Dodge). On the other hand, it is also about the credibility of a company.
What should the community think of Ankama? First the servers are offline for 4 days, a rollback is being considered, then they are online again for a day proudly proclaimed that you have done everything without a rollback, only to go offline shortly afterwards and upset the community again with a possible rollback.
The image is already ruined anyway. Now it's about damagelimitation.
I am firmly convinced that rolling back between a few weeks and +6 months will kill the community and ultimately the game.
My simple solution: the error MUST be found and corrected, accounts that have deliberately exploited this have to be deleted, as well as duplicated items that appear over time. This is probably more work for Ankama and the developers - but Jesus Christ - a 6 month rollback is absolutely no alternative !! Unless Ankama wants to give up touch ...

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Leider bin sehr schwer enttäuscht.

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Hoffe meine Gegenstände im verkaufdtsnf bekomme ich ersetzt ' 5mk Marktwert alles selbst gefarmt.wäre super Anakma wenn ihr euch da was einfallen lässt

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Muy buenos dias ankam quiciera opinar sobre el rolback estoy de acuerdo q lo agan pero por favor alos q hemos invertido tanto tiempo en el juego y asemos nuestras kamitas honradamente nos remuneren ya q si volvemos atras no tendremos ni para el desplazamiento en el zaap pero me gustaria q hicieran ese rolback y muchas gracias por leer nuestras opiniones y q nos escuchen somon la comunidad gracias

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Solucionen rápido esto perdí los días de abono me bajaron de nivel de verdad no aguanta esto así

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ankama hoy 10 de junio acabo de perder mucho por un error que ustedes no supieron detectar a tiempo, muchas gracias por el rollback y por hacer perder mi tiempo en un juego que llevo años jugandolo y que le cogi mucho cariño, ahora me da pereza seguir con el juego

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narukami0#9777|2021-06-10 08:56:55
Excuse me but you can remove a doubt with the answer to the question (The lost purchases will be refunded or returned.) With that they refer to only the purchases made in the game store with Ogrines or they are all purchases of items in general are with kamas or ogrines.

Hi narukami0#9777,

It refers to the purchases with goultines. If you purchased with kamas, you would have received it back due to the rollback.

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A no ser que hayan conseguido las kamas después y entonces no les importa nada

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