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Beta: Balancing Strength #3

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - July 19, 2021, 11:30:00
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hey se calgaron el ocra no mamen sin al, sin daños, sin nada por favor arreglen eso el ocra vale verni ahora mismo.

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I'm just wondering instead of putting a global cooldown on all aspects of the game leave pvm/pve without these. I understand that srams with invisibility or iops with precipitation are op on kolo and in pvp. But in pvm/pve it doesn't hurt anybody. Right now I don't like to play with my friend because we both have srams and I don't want to block him or being blocked to use that spell. I think something similar will happen with iop players.

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Vey... arregaçaram com o zobal c loko!!!

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Hola ankama, muchas de las reformas son buenas otras no tanto, pero quiero resaltar dos cosas.
1. Las anirisas quedaron muy fuertes siendo 190 le gane a más de un 200 con la anirisas de suerte. Si las van a dejar así de fuertes al menos quiten los poderes de reconstitución o alturismo.
2. El dopeu pandawa la habilidad que le dieron de dar un pa, no tiene utilidad puesto que el panda se desechiza y al segundo turno la habilidad le quita dos pa al objetivo de en ves de darle el pa

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por que quitaron que se pudiera comprar armaduras 200 a 5 kamas a los npc? lo arruinaron por completo, entre a mi cuenta 200 y esta sin set y con 7 kks osea que agonyo con eso? no existe manera alguna de aser kks, todos los sets los subieron a sobre los 150 mks cda parte hoy resien conosi el dofus touch early y aora descubro que lo tenian abierto ase 2 años osea hay gente que lleba jugandolo 2 años y se aprobecharon de esos npc cuando ahun se podia comorar armaduras a 5 kamas y ahora tienen miles de millones ellos y subieron de presio todo en el juego, como se asen kamas en early ahora?

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Hello Ankama, thanks for introducing some fresh ideas/changes to the game. I think some change is necessary to keep a game/community alive. I wanted to offer some of my thoughts on this latest reform if anyone else cares to read.

I'd only like to comment on my two main classes Sacrier and Ecaflip as well as the universal Dopple changes.
+ Overall I really like the 3 spell changes. I am most excited about the new mobility and positioning offered by the change to Feline Spirit! The +dodge to Feline Leap is a subtle but arguably needed buff as long as the dodge points are stackable. The final change to Felintion is also a nice buff for Int/Healing Ecas as well as maybe finally giving a Chance Ecaflip more merit.
- Suggestion: Could we do something to buff the spell Clover? I'd love to see it continue giving +Critical Hit but in addition perhaps add +Critical Hit 'Damage' to it.

+Overall I like the merging of the Punishment spells to make room for more elemental spells. I do also see a more standout role for the Agility variant (positioning) and Earth variant (tanking) but feel like Chance is definitely lacking in distinction. I am sad to see the age-old vitality nerf to the class but I think with the right tweaking they can still be the game's best bruiser class.
- Suggestion: In order to thematically and practically fill the bruiser role better I think two somewhat simple changes could be helpful to Sacriers.
The first change would be to the new Punishment (multi-elemental dmg spell) spell. I think in it's current state it's a really uninteresting and lackluster damage spell. I like the 'best' element aspect of it but maybe you could add in addition to the raw damage a, "if your health is at or below 40% add 15% of your missing health in Neutral damage to the attack"
Second and similarly to the missing health change to Punishment ^ I think the Martyr Punishment could be more thematic by changing it to "Increase the caster's overall SPELL damage by 10% up to 25% based on missing health". This change would allow the class to literally get stronger the less health it has AND give the Chance variant more oomf as the only "self-hurting" build of the three.

I am of the strong opinion that we need LESS summons/clutter in this game in general, especially considering the fact that the game's entire audience is presumed to play on MOBILE. I vote to remove Dopples altogether.
- Suggestion: Upon hitting level 200 in the game, perhaps we are rewarded with a permanent +1 MP AND the unlocking of 'class finisher' animations (purely aesthetic).

Sorry for my long wall of text but I love this game and I hope to see it succeed smile

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Cuando salió la noticia de la reforma aniprisa me alegro mucho por que por fin se iban implementar más hechizos con que pudiera defenderse y no solo ser una mula de curas, me alegre por que pensé que sería como la reforma de dofus 2.34.
Pero ahora que tuve la oportunidad de probar la beta realmente me decepciono por que a pesar de tener más hechizos en la rama de fuego, sus ataques son bastante débil, aún teniendo más de 1.400 en inteligencia y es que realmente los daños casi ni se notan con personajes o monstruo que tengan resistencia.

When the news of the aniprisa reform came out, I was very happy because more spells were finally going to be implemented with which she could defend herself and not just be a priest mule, I was happy because I thought it would be like the reform of Dofus 2.34.
But now that I had the opportunity to test the beta I am really disappointed because despite having more spells in the fire branch, its attacks are quite weak, even having more than 1,400 in intelligence and the damage is hardly noticeable with characters or monster that have resistance.

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Sac is now so bad

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No entiendo por qué se enfocan nerfear clases que no lo necesitan en vez de estar solucionando el problema con los servidores como brutas que todo el tiempo está caído o te dice que no hay conexión y de la nada te saca a mitad de una pelea

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GG ankama
nerf everything everywhere all time

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There are serious changes to the mask. I hope you have a plan to issue a class change potion. Mask is already a rare class, now it looks like it will disappear completely. If the cause of all these problems is the fugi set buffing the masks, admit your mistake and remove the set. give compensation to set owners as well. otherwise all mask users including me will stop using this class. Ardor and Masquerade are two important spells. and you are destroying both at the same time. With no compensation. Still the game is full of eniripsa and iop. at least Ardor and Masquerade costs 1ap. If compensation is not forthcoming, the class loses all its charm.

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Opino que mi único y estiló favorito de daños murió, el daño de empujes. Ahora prácticamente solo los sobal de suerte harán un daño relativamente decente con empujes. Los steamer de Fo/Empujes moriran, que pena.
Sigo pensando que los empujes nunca debieron tocarlos, no creo que se sigan viendo personajes de Empujes.. :c

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I updated the emerald Dofus, it makes no sense to use it at lvl 150+, it is one of the 6 game Dofus of worth it deserves, they have it even from the game's logo is Dofus better known to the eye.

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