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Four Aces: Now Online!

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - April 05, 2022, 10:45:00
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Run up the stairs four steps at a time to check out our new update: Four Aces is now online!

You've been fidgeting and twiddling your fingers ever since it was announced, and now it's finally online: the Four Aces update!

Here are just some of the many improvements you'll find in this update:

  • Transition to a new maximum of 4 players, for a faster and more accessible experience.
  • Removal of merchant mode and the monster aggression system.
  • Changes to daily quests and scrolls.
  • New equipable items and challenges.

And lots of other great stuff too! For all the details, check the complete changelog for this update, available here:

Four Aces is also your chance to pick up a more generous and "augmented" version of the classic Bonus Pack: the Elite Bonus Pack! It's on its way soon, so keep your eyes open…

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Equalzar

Hi Equalzar#2370,

The Elite Bonus Pack is not yet released in the shop. We'll let you know when it is available.

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How can the elite pack is unfoudable on the shop now?

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Hi Equalzar#2370,

The Elite Bonus Pack is not yet released in the shop. We'll let you know when it is available.

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Heyho. How can I fight against giant kralove now? He's no more aggressive and the attack button doesn't work because you could not reach him. Maybe someone forgot this special monster?

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Hi roebi#8742,

We are aware of the issue concerning the Giant Kralove.

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Less xp, less drops, smaller groups so less people to play with, nerfed classes. So far at least.

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I had a bug where I tried buying with my gems and it took All my kamas and also the ones from my bank and didn't give me the item either

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Hi Vitolo#4236,

We are investigating the issue. Kindly check here for more information.

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With the amazing choice to have 1 person only from the alliance to defend perc yesterday, in one day only, it has been almost grounded ZERO all the perc existing in the server. Guilds left alliances to avoid spies to check how many are online. Sadly I told you that already.  I really would be curious to know why this choice, which was the expected outcome? Price booming due to lack of resources? If somebody of you read the newspapers will come to know that a bit of inflation is good, high level of it generate big problems to population...

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Bello, just wanted to add: since yesterday Dofus touch is a more boring game that it is used to be. Only people that enjoy this new patch are PvP players, who can put down all perf they want.
max 4 people group reduce a lot interaction in game. Now I play just to defend perf h 24. 
Great job everybody! Hope that this sacrifice has a greater goal in your game development strategy, much broader that too cheap resources in market


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About new restrictions in perceptors defenders, 3 by the same guild, and 1 by the alliance, probably more little guilds are forced to merge in one great guild, but also the great cause the hours that people can log could be different for def and if a guild try 2 or 3 times to attack perc in different hours and understand the time that found defenders log, they can attack ever in the hours that know dont log for def and can destruct easy.. More guilds aren't international also if are great and active.. I think that that system cant be accepted.. Maybe is my personal way to think about it,i feel good now in my guild, sometimes we can be active and sometimes nope, but i feel happy and free to play when i can.. i think more guildies dont wanna leave the guild that they love by more time.. Then the resources now are more low cause the mobs are max 4,for drop decently need bonus, enu chest cant drop more and the team gamers cant use it like first, the last way for drop more are the percs and noone guilds can be active h24 for def, full time, is a game not a job... I think is a great great problem for allconfused for last i dont wanna see my ally members die, enter in def in 1 or 2 and who is online cant sad and make feel people usless.. Maybe could work for attack, but the defend system is broken broken_heart.. The resources to drop will be hard to sell or buy, probably whit high cost, people that dont wanna leave the guild they love, will don't put perceptors.. I see not a great future for play easy, if we will do a dungeon and in the same moment, in the same hour in guild there are 3 people for do the dungeon, and perc go under attack we'll lost perc.. Yesterday all day long for the attack in mass percs we cant play, just perc def.. Very sad.. sad So please put again the free entry for alliance members to defend, 4 vs 4 like now, not of the same guild of perceptors under attack. Thank you. 

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Estamos Seguros De Que Esta ACTUALIZACION es un desastre y perdio TODA LA ENCESIA DE LO  QUE ES DOFUS, soy un jugador de mas de  10 AÑOS, y ES LA peor manera de AJUSTARLO,
4 personase en un grupo no sirbe!
ANU SIN SU COFRE? no sirbe dañas la RAZA!
por donde vean todo lo que hizieron en PRO de avanzar les dio
que sigue?

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Hola, creo que hay un bug en las defensas de Recaudador. En las noticias dijeron que sólo podían defender 3 del gremio atacado y 1 de alianza. Pero cuando la barra de tiempo de espera pasa de la mitad, entonces los multicuenta ya se pueden meter a defender, entran los 4 de otroHolas Gremios a defender.  Eso incentiva que la gente siga siendo multicuenta y armar team para defensa y ataque a Recaudador. 

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atualização sem sentido os cara ja ferram varias raças e fazendo perde a graça de jogar agora fazer isso querem acabar com jogo so desativar n precisa fazer os jogadores pararem de jogar aos poucos

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With 4v4 update, you guys tripled The efort for drop hunt. Same goes for exp hunt. I never liked small manster groups because of that reason. Dungeons with 3 rooms are GG. And coloured soul Stones. But The rest is fail. Perc def is even harder than it already was. Enutrofs chest dont drop? WHY would you change that? Its Like saying xelors AP Rape is op, lets ruin it. You could just change chests spells, but not The drop. And sadidas dolls are ruined. Ultra powerfull doll dont Rape MP aoe, but only 2 targets, and tange is halfed. Heal doll dont heal dolls? Come on guys! Big thumbs down

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Question on the "A friend who doesn't have you best interests at heart" quest requiring 10 venomous brockhard hair.  Following the dungeon rework, completing Kolosso caverns provides the opportunity to fight 3 venomous brockhards, considering they are only found within the dungeon, this means the quest step requires completing 4 full dungeon runs (requiring 3 keys per person assuming 1 is completed with the bunch of keys).  Is this intentional?  It seems excessive considering previously you could fight the venomous room mob multiple times while only using 1 dungeon key and completing 1 full run through the dungeon.

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