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Momako, the Legendary Daggers

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - May 11, 2022, 15:00:00
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Among the legendary weapons of the World of Twelve, there are two that, while lacking subtlety, carve with the precision of a scalpel. Should you ever strongly disagree with an opponent, the Momako daggers will seal the fate of the hypocrite who's offended you. Indeed, we're talking about death.

The legendary weapons given to the White Chtigers drew on some of their bearers' life force, closely bonding to them on a spiritual level. On their death, the bearers became spirits and retained a ghostly version of their weapons. Deprived of life flow, the physical versions went dormant.

A legendary weapon may be awakened by a new bearer.

If they prove themself worthy…

"Siki-siki-siki-siki-siki-siki-siki-siki-siki…" the samurai whispered. "Kissi-kissi-kissi-kissi-kissi-kissi…" the White Chtigers chanted. The legendary daggers took form. With every hammer blow and chant.

These weapons, which manifest in two ways – Barbarian or Dynamo – were given to the killer Momako, who carried them with awe and delight until her death. 

"Rest in pieces…"
Momako's sentence.
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Nice, they look super cool wub

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