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Legendary Weapons: Quests and Figures

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - July 05, 2022, 18:00:00
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Those of you who are active on social media may have already seen a few facts and figures from the latest DOFUS Touch update. This time, we're really going all out! Records, drops and successes: In this post, we'll reveal everything we know so far about legendary weapons.

Les Armes Légendaires


"Haruka", "Miyaji", "Momako" and the rest…

From bows to hammers to daggers, you've given the legendary weapons a very memorable welcome! Have you become one of the honorable bearers of these noble creations? Are you a worthy heir to the legacy of the White Chtigers?

Whatever the answer, the data provided below will give you a better idea of your place in these new quests!

It's raining drops…

Les Armes Légendaires

The ultimate legendary weapon!

Les Armes Légendaires

Put your nose to the grindstone!

Les Armes Légendaires

4. Molten Souulll, maaan!

Les Armes Légendaires

How long did it take? How long??!

Les Armes Légendaires

Keep calm and carry more weapons

Les Armes Légendaires

Elemental, My Dear!

Les Armes Légendaires

Next time for sure!

Les Armes Légendaires

So? Where do you fit into all this?

Does any of this information apply to you?

If not, just remember: Records are made to be broken!

Thank you for giving the legendary weapons the welcome they deserve.


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Porque no puedo entrar en monomento

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El DROP de esas armas es super duro

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