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Class Balancing 1.56

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - July 26, 2022, 16:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

In line with the first two updates that marked early 2022, 1.56 will offer its own set of new features and balancing changes to classes as well. Without further ado, check out the improvements made to the Pandawa, Xelor, Cra, and Eniripsa classes, among others.


But before we go into detail, you should know that these changes will first coincide with the end of the old stat brackets! That is, we've modified the brackets of the last two classes on the list: Pandawas and Xelors.


Smoothing out the stat brackets is intended to allow each class to increase stats with the following brackets:

  • 1 for 1 up to 100
  • 2 for 1 up to 200
  • 3 for 1 up to 300
  • 4 for 1 up to 400
  • 5 for 1 above 400

For this update, the changes we made were mainly focused on Pandawas, as we wanted to flesh out this class's gameplay as part of the reorganization of stat brackets. Smaller changes have also been applied to other classes; these will be detailed later.


Details about the changes will be divided into three parts: minor, moderate, and major changes.


Minor Changes


Psychopath Mask

  • The damage bonus granted to the caster has been reduced at level 6, from 15% to 10%.
  • Progression across spell levels is now as follows: 4 / 4 / 6 / 6 / 8


  • Damage has been reduced at all spell levels.


  • The spell's base damage has been reduced.



Blinding Shovel

  • Reduced the number of times it can trigger per turn: 3 → 1
  • The spell's base damage has been reduced. Damage inflicted when the effect is triggered remains the same.

Emergency Care – Living Chest

  • The spell's range has been reduced. Here are the new values: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
  • The maximum number of casts per target is now set to 1.



Summoning Claw

  • The summon's stats have been reduced at levels 1 to 5.
  • The summon's AP has been reduced at levels 1 to 5.

Playful Claw

  • Spell damage has been increased.


  • Effect added: when the spell is cast on the Ecaflip, they also receive shield points based on their level.


Moderate Changes


Regenerating Word

  • The health restored at the start of the turn has been reduced at level 6: 15% → 12%.

Dissuasive Word

  • The per-turn cast limit has been updated: 2 → 1.
  • Spell damage has been increased.

Exhausting Word

  • The spell's range is now modifiable.
  • The spell's starting range has decreased: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 → 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 5

Vampiric Word

  • Damage has been reduced at spell level 6.

Remedy Flask / Toxic Flask

  • The flasks' HP has been increased at spell level 6.

Word of Recovery

  • The spell now applies the Weakened state to the target for 3 turns, in addition to the spell's other effects. The Stimulated state is also applied for 3 turns.

Draining Word

  • The per-target cast limit has been updated at levels 5 and 6: 1 → 2.
  • The amount of healing done by the spell has decreased: 80% → 60% of damage inflicted.

Cursed Mark

  • Damage inflicted by the water mark has been reduced.



Changes to the Cra are mainly related to the updated Grapple Arrow. This long-awaited one will make Cras a more unpredictable threat to their opponent. Beacons now have greater capacity for positioning, offering more chances to exploit said beacons without needing to wait for the opponent to make a positioning error.
To offset this, several spells' damage has been reduced in order to reduce the total amount of damage that can be dealt when beacons are properly exploited, given that this will be much easier to do.

Grapple Arrow

  • Effect added: If the spell is cast on an opponent, pulls the caster's beacons in line with the opponent 3 cells closer.
  • Beacons are now attracted in a straight line AND diagonally.

Blinding Arrow

  • The spell no longer inflicts damage on the first beacon targeted.
  • Except on a critical hit, the spell's Range reduction has decreased: 3 → 2.
  • Spell damage has been increased.

Last Bastion

  • The MP penalty applied to the caster has been reduced. Here are the new values: 4 / 4 / 3 / 3 / 2 / 1
  • The Range bonus applied to the caster has been reduced. Here are the new values: 1 / 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 / 4
  • The spell no longer increases the Barricade Arrow spell's base damage.

Lashing Arrow

  • The spell's bonus can now be stacked 2 times.
  • The spell description now mentions that allied Cras are not affected by the spell.
  • Lashing Arrow no longer gives the Cra a power bonus.
  • The spell now has a damage line in the best element.
  • When casting on a beacon, this effect will be applied as a cross-shaped area around beacons.
  • The erosion applied by the spell has been increased to 15% and can no longer stack more than twice.

Bat's Eye

  • The spell no longer inflicts damage on beacons.
  • The MP reduction applied by the spell has been reduced: 2 → 1.
  • The spell's effects are now stackable.
  • Spell damage has been increased.

Pursuit Arrow

  • The MP steal at level 6 has been reduced: 2 → 1.
  • The MP gain when the spell targets a beacon has been reduced: 3 → 2.
  • A damage line based on the target's unhealable HP has been added.
  • Spell damage has been increased.
  • The number of casts per target has increased for levels 5 and 6: 1 → 2.

Plaguing Arrow

  • Spell damage has decreased.

Explosive Arrow

  • Spell damage has decreased.
  • The power bonus linked to the number of targets in the area of effect is now granted before damage is applied.
  • The power bonus is increased for each target in the area of effect: 20 → 50 (CH: 25 → 70).
  • Maximum stacking of the spell's bonuses is now set to 4.

Punitive Arrow

  • Spell damage has decreased.
  • The bonus damage is now triggered on turns 2 and 4 instead of 3 and 6.
  • The spell's cooldown has been reduced: 3 turns → 2 turns.
  • The damage bonus from the spell has decreased.

Burning Arrow

  • Spell damage has decreased.

Recall Beacon

  • The spell is no longer cast on an existing beacon. It is used to summon a tactical beacon that will switch places with the caster at the start of the next turn.
  • The spell's range has been reduced for all spell levels: 2/2/2/2/2/3.

Tactical Beacon

  • Beacons' vitality has increased at rank 6: 750 → 1200 (at level 200).
  • The shield applied to the beacon has increased at rank 6: 750 → 1000.

Barricade Arrow

  • The spell now applies MP reduction even without the Guardian state.
  • With the Guardian state, the spell's effects are triggered twice.
  • Damage on the additional line inflicted in the Guardian state has decreased.
  • The MP penalty applied by the additional line inflicted in the Guardian state has decreased: 2 → 1.
  • The effects now have a stacking limit. Max. stacking: 3
  • The spell's range is no longer modifiable.
  • The spell's range has increased. New values: 3/4/5/6/7/8.

Piercing Arrow

  • A new effect is applied when the target is below 50% HP; the target's damage suffered increases (5% additional damage) for two turns. This effect can stack twice.

Bow Skill

  • The power bonus for the caster has increased.
  • A weaker power bonus has been added that applies to the caster's allies.
  • The duration of the power bonus has been adjusted to other bonuses. It now lasts 3 turns instead of 2.

Poisoned Arrow

  • Spell damage has been increased.
  • Effect added: if the target is affected by Pitfall, the spell will remove 2 AP from the target for 12 turns. The Pitfall state is then removed.


  • The spell now requires a line of sight.
  • The trap has increased in size: single target → 1-cell cross.
  • The cooldown has decreased by 1 at all levels.
  • The AP cost has increased: 2 → 3 AP.
  • The spell is no longer visible to opponents on the turn it is cast. This mechanic had become obsolete with the new ping system.



The Xelor's stat brackets have been modified, and therefore some spells' damage values have been updated to better match the new brackets. Other effect or damage changes will be made as well.
A more extensive revamp of Xelor gameplay is still planned.
Modified Stat Brackets

  • Stat brackets have been updated and now follow the same pattern as other classes.
  • All stat points will be refunded.


  • Spell damage has been increased.


  • Spell damage has decreased.
  • The critical hit rate has been reduced: 1/40 → 1/50.

Dark Ray

  • Spell damage has decreased.
  • Reduced the penalty's effect duration when the spell deals a critical hit: 2 turns → 1 turn.
  • The critical hit rate has increased: 1/50 → 1/35.


  • Spell damage has decreased.
  • A maximum number of casts per turn has been added: 3 casts per turn.
  • The maximum number of casts per player has been reduced: 3/target → 2/target.
  • The spell's range across levels has updated values: 4 / 5 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Temporal Dust

  • Spell damage has been increased.
  • The spell no longer affects the caster's allies.

Time Theft

  • Spell damage has decreased.


  • Spell damage has been increased.
  • A per-target cast limit has been added: 1/target.


  • Spell damage has decreased.
  • Spell damage inflicted through the Dial is now proportional to the spell's base damage.


  • Spell damage has decreased.

Xelor's Punch

  • Spell damage has decreased.
  • The critical hit rate has increased: 1/40 → 1/35.
  • The AP cost has decreased: 4 → 3.
  • The range has decreased: 5 → 3.
  • The number of casts per target is now a number of casts per turn.
  • New effect added: teleports the caster symmetrically relative to the target.
  • The spell no longer deals damage to allies.


Extensive Changes


We wanted to take advantage of the changes being made to the Pandawa stat brackets to make some to this class's gameplay as well. Although we thought its gameplay was basically still interesting and fun, having so many utility spells along with four elemental paths made for overly repetitive turns in the game. Also, Pandawa characters' spells and gameplay often gave them a huge amount of resistance even without equipment geared accordingly, making this class less fun to fight.

We therefore decided to get rid of the Fire path along with combining some of the utility spells to give each path a wider range of actions.
We also wanted to rework the Drunk state so it would be more dynamic to use. So the Drunk state and the Sober state (the absence of the Drunk state) are now infinite, but they will only grant temporary bonuses after a transition from one state to the other.

  • Going from Sober to Drunk status temporarily increases the caster's damage.
  • Going from Drunk to Sober status temporarily increases the caster's AP.

To allow for creative and strategic potential in the Pandawa's turns, we gave the new spells a state change effect that is applied when an effect ends. So it will be possible to switch between states multiple times within a single turn without resorting to a utility spell. Also, the various bonuses a Pandawa may get will no longer go away when a state changes, providing more control and flexibility during team play.

Finally, as previously mentioned, several spells have been grouped to optimize the variety of available spells. This also allowed us to add new uses for carrying an ally or opponent, which you'll find out from the spell descriptions.

Level requirements for spells have been tweaked to suit these changes. All spell points will be refunded, except for the Summoning of Pandawa Dopple spell, which is unchanged.
Modified Stat Brackets

  • Stat brackets have been updated and now follow the same pattern as other classes.
  • All stat points will be refunded.

Tipple – Level 1
Inflicts Water damage and applies an AP removal penalty.
The Drunk state is required.

  • AP cost: 3

Hangover – Level 1
Inflicts Earth damage. The Drunk state is required.

  • AP cost: 3

Boozer – Level 1
Applies the Drunk state to the caster. When cast again, removes the Drunk state.
Entering the Drunk state temporarily increases the damage inflicted by the caster. Exiting the state temporarily increases the caster's action points.

  • Damage increased by 10% for 1 turn
  • AP increased by 2 for the current turn
  • Maximum number of casts per turn (rank 6): 2
  • AP cost: 1

Alcoholic Breath – Level 3
Inflicts Air damage and repels the target.
The Drunk state is required.
The spell no longer inflicts damage on the caster's allies.

  • Straight-line casting
  • AP cost: 3

Bamboo Milk – Level 6
Reduces the duration of effects on the caster by 5 turns.
If the caster is in the Carrying state, reduces the duration of effects on the carried target by 2 turns.

  • The spell no longer removes the Drunk state.
  • AP cost: 2

Schnaps – Level 9
Inflicts Air damage in an area of effect.

  • Diagonal casting
  • Does not require line of sight
  • AP cost: 4

Stabilisation – Level 13
Prevents the target from being moved. Increases resistance to MP loss.

  • AP cost: 2

Pandatak – Level 17
Inflicts Earth damage in several cells along a straight line.
Enemies hit by the spell have their power reduced.

  • Straight-line casting
  • AP cost: 4

Karcham – Level 21
Carries the target. On second casting, throws the target onto the targeted cell.

  • Straight-line casting
  • AP cost: 1

Explosive Flask – Level 26
When carrying an entity: the target will inflict damage in the caster's best attack element around the target's destination cell when it is thrown.
When carrying one's own barrel: the barrel will push back targets around its point of impact before dying when it is thrown.
The Carrying state is required.

  • AP cost: 2

Vulnerability – Level 31
Increases the percentage of damage received by the target.
The Drunk state is required.

  • Straight-line casting
  • AP cost: 3

Melancholy – Level 36
Inflicts Water damage.

  • Straight-line casting
  • AP cost: 4

Liqueur – Level 42
Inflicts an Air health steal on the targeted enemy.
Until the next turn, this enemy will suffer a Dodge penalty on taking pushback damage. Every instance of pushback damage will apply a 10 Dodge penalty for 2 turns. This effect can be stacked 3 times.

  • AP cost: 4

Prohibition – Level 48
Inflicts Earth damage on enemies and attracts targets to the caster.
The caster gains a Lock bonus for each enemy hit and then loses the Drunk state.
The spell applies a 5% reduction to damage received in close combat to the caster for every enemy hit by the spell.

  • The spell can only be cast on the caster.
  • Its area of effect is a 2-cell cross.
  • AP cost: 4

Pandiniuras – Level 54
Increases the target's MP. The Drunk state is required.
The spell's cooldown has increased by 1 at all levels.

  • AP cost: 2

Shaké – Level 60
Inflicts Water damage and increases the caster's critical damage.
The caster enters the Drunk state.

  • AP cost: 3

Absinthe – Level 70
Inflicts Air damage and repels targets.
The caster gains a Dodge bonus for each enemy hit and then loses the Drunk state.

  • The spell's area of effect is a 1-cell diagonal cross, similar to the Feca's Blindness spell.
  • The target in the center of the cross is not repelled.
  • AP cost: 3

Hooch – Level 80
Inflicts Earth damage and applies a shield on the caster.
Applies the Drunk state on the caster.

  • The shield's duration is 1 turn.
  • The shield value is 150% of the caster's level.
  • The shield is stackable, but the spell can only be cast once per target.
  • Casting on a target is required to get the shield.
  • AP cost: 3

Debauchery – Level 90
Inflicts Water damage in an area of effect.
The caster loses the Drunk state.

  • The spell's area of effect is a 2-cell circle.
  • Spell damage is inflicted on allies and enemies alike.
  • AP cost: 2

Spirit Bond – Level 100
Summons a Pandawasta.
The Drunk state is required.

  • Straight-line casting
  • Does not require line of sight
  • AP cost: 3

Drunkenness – Special Pandawa Spell
Summons a barrel that attracts enemies. If carried: heals around the carrier.
When thrown, the barrel heals allies near its destination cell.

  • AP cost: 3

State Bonuses
The AP bonus can only be obtained once per turn after switching from the Drunk to the Sober state.

Reactions 36
Score : 1

Well pure agi eni has been ruined....RIP

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Score : 16

So has xelor and panda XD. Panda is going to be a meme now. No damage reduction or %res given in drunk state means panda is going to get 1 tapped every single fight after its first turn. Bye Bye panda for PvP. Also didnt even give us the xelor rework they said. Its impressive how little they can do and then to make things worse they nerf cra's who are unarguably the worst class in game right now. Ankama got jokes !

1 0
Score : 2

right along with the spell reductions I predict morale reductions as well. The graphic design was dope tho

0 0
Score : 66

??what is this update??
I have literally no idea why dofus touch team HATES cra so much. Cra become worst class in after that “full rework of cra”. Back in the days cra was one of the most popular classes №1 as l remember after was iop … and so on. But it is fact that it is no longer so. Any old cra players didn’t like beacons mechanics on cra, because it was to weak. That is why all just quit from game or just that class. Old cra with all elemnts spells was much better then what it became now… just trash with beacons…. While u have 5 movement points to run anywhere from it. Even if move them and try to play with it, cra would have only enough active points just to use 1 time explosive arrow. Then what is the point of it?? Possible just hit straight 2 times without beacons and will be same result?? Also try use beacons when u playing vs feca class, shield reduce damage of cra that much that u can barely do 150-200 damage with one intelligence spell(like burning arrow or explosive) and any beacon will help there. There is no point play intelligence cra, as any other class can hit much more on the long range.
#make cra stong again. Beacons shit

0 0
Score : 1

Honestly rip Touch at this point.
Xelor nerfed to shits. Cra ruined to even less than dirt, ignoring the communities cries and pleas for a reset to the old one. Nerfs across the board. Why do you hate the community so much that you think you’d have to do whatever it takes to ruin a once fun experience and completely ignore the community?
You guys are blind to what’s going on, none of you are playing your own game and your mods are living in delusion, claiming that the game is more alive than ever even though most of the population is bots and people with 20+ alts running around because there’s just nobody who wants to play this sorry excuse of a game anymore. Now swing the ban Hammer like you do on discord for people saying their own valid opinion.
Note: no it couldn’t have been any nicer because we’ve been saying the same stuff for years now to no avail.

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Score : 1

ankama why the cra hate? their damage already worse than before, now this? please do listen to players.

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Score : 161

Rip cra lets decrease damage for everyone to 0 maybe u will finaly make balance and have time for new classes

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Score : 112

Depois dessa atualização do xellor é melhor excluir a classe não tá servindo pra nada, nem retirada, nem dano. Então não serve nem pra suporte e nem dano, classe tá toda fraca. Melhoram isso da classe do xellor! 

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Score : 2

This is a long one ladies and gents so buckle up and get ready for a good read!

Somebody has got to be joking with the Panda, Cra and Xelor changes !!

NOTE: I am not here to purely criticize to effort the devs make even though some of the changes they have made in the past year are comedically bad. I want to offer suggestion too since these new changes are still in beta.

Firstly lets start with the Panda.
Nobody used zatoishwans wrath or whatever that spell was called because it sucked. People don't want more damage on a panda. Panda is a pseudo tank class with amazing utility. Boozer giving %res in the old days or damage reduction currently allowed the panda class to take center stage and move enemies and allies around the map. It was amazing at its job and nobody had complaints about it. Now Panda will go in, make its first turn and proceed to get one tapped because now it gets damage on boozer for some reason. Not everybody just wants to see big flashy damage numbers. Do the devs even play this game ?!? I'm starting to question it at this point. People enjoy playing a class that can turn the tide of a fight with some skill. Panda was a great tank with utility to set up his team. Nobody wants more damage on the panda. Its not a DPS class its a utility tank. stop trying to change its role in the game.

Suggestion: Give boozer the % damage reduction back and remove the damage buff. The other spell changes are nice and they give panda some more utility for his allies and positioning capability.

Next lets talk about Cras.
Does Ankama just hate this class ?!? XD
Any player that plays Dofus Touch will undeniably say that Cra is the worst class in the game. It's rework was a complete flop and pushed the class to the brink of extinction bar a few very dedicated Cra mains that have suffered through (I'm looking at you Tanuki tongue). Some of the buffs you are giving the class are nice and actually decent buffs. But a question why are you giving compensation nerfs to other parts of its kit ? I don't play Cra myself but I know how weak that class is. I am only speaking for myself here but I think almost everybody would agree that the Cra class should be given the buffs you guys are giving it but just don't give it compensation nerfs. they are unnecessary. the class is already super weak and you are making certain spells weaker.

Suggestion: Give it the planned buffs and remove the planned nerfs, nobody is going to complain cra is OP since it will still be weak compared to other classes.

Next up on the list is Xelor.
I myself was very hyped for this rework since I play a lot of Xelor. Not surprisingly the rework/adjustments you guys are making is a major let down! But that is something the community has come to expect as of late so now lets get into what went wrong. Why are you pushing out such a pointless change to try appease the people and say you made a Xelor change. You buff its stat distribution and compensate with nerfing almost every single spell. This means that everything remains virtually unchanged. We expected a rework. you gave us basically a hotfix that had a negligible change. We are all for making change but what is the point in making this change. If you are going to rework the class soon anyway why not just push this update out with that. This update to Xelor is literally pointless and does absolutely nothing.

Suggestion: Save the Xelor updates for when you do the actual rework.

Now for some things Ankama did right (I know its shocking to us all but they made a few good changes this patch as well)

The Masqueraider nerf is actually decent.
Masqs should be shield orientated and they currently deal as much if not more than most melee dps classes in the game. I think this is a good change to bring them back in line a bit. Masq is one of my main characters and I am all for this minor adjustment.

Suggestion: No suggestion here, this is a good change

Also a good Enutrof Nerf.
The living chest was a bit too good since the Enutrof changes and its good to see Ankama making at least a few good decisions. Hopefully more like this one can be made. The living chest's healing was too good while it was far too hard to kill. Reducing the amount of times it can heal is a decent nerf. However i think a better nerf would have been to reduce the durability of the chest. Reduce its hp and also its % res. and allow it to heal twice per turn as it. This would implement more skill expression into the game. Enutrofs that position the chest well will benefit.

Suggestion: Allow it to heal twice again but reduce the chests durability. ( the current proposed changes are okay but nothing differentiates a good Enutrof from a bad one with those)

Lastly the Eniripsa
Eniripsas have been strong since their rework, particualrly the Chance and Agility variations and hybrids of those two. I think these changes are good to bring the damage of the primary healer class back into line. Similarly to Pandas, Eniripsas had a role in the game, they are the primary healing class in the game. Ankama reworked them to give them more damage and oh look nerfs and more nerfs to the damage of Eniripsas...

Suggestion: These nerfs are good. You got another thing correct.

As some closing remarks
Please stop trying to make every single class a big damage dealer. They are all unique and have very different playstyles and identities. Reconsider some of the changes you are putting though and maybe try take on board some advice and criticism from the community as above. We are not here to make your life miserable with complaints and criticism, we want to make the game better too.

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Score : 1


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Score : 16

I don't tend to comment a lot on the website, but something really has to be said to the Ankama team if they read what players are saying above.. honestly, i lost a lot of faith on their current knowledge of the game when they said this during the last balancing, and i quote:

"Three spells have been removed:
These spells were some of the class's least used, or we found that they didn't offer enough value.

Three spells have been removed:
Mass Clumsiness
Living Shovel
Pandora's Box
As with the Iop situation, these spells weren't used much or we thought they didn't give the class enough value."

If the ankama staff really knew what people are using throughout the entire game, they would not have said something like that, because 4 out of the 6 spells they listed above, were amongst the most used spells for each class. (Was there ever a fight where an Iop didnt use vitality?) This just shows that they do not watch or pay attention to current playstyle, and just make changes based on their assumptions. As mentioned in above comments, this also applies to Panda's removal of tank features (resists), Xelor's unnecessary changes and Cra's nerf instead of a needed buff.

I am trying to make a general, big picture point that these class balances are not in line with what players are looking for in the game, and the complaints are high because not enough input from the community is being made. Do more surveys, reach out to players that you see pvp or pvm a lot according to your database and ask questions, have devs log in to each server weekly and spectate some kolo, prism fights, dungeon boss rooms.. Make the effort to understand changes before you implement them.

1 0
Score : 1

Ankama in the next 'class balancing';
Wrath was underused by iops. We have decided to remove it. Wrath was some of the class's least used, or we found that they didn't offer enough value. You are invited to our beta test where we can look at the changes. Of course, we have already decided on the changes and we will not care about your opinion. We will be giving away the 'ceremonial pig butt shield' as a gift to those who participate in the beta test.

0 0
Score : 2

Do y’all read y’all comments and listen to the people who play your game? Everyone is upset, do you think that’s good???!! Take notes and stop ruining the game even more please for everyone that loves Dofus and has been playing for over a decade like me! Masq, Eni, & Enu changes are okay though.

0 0
Score : 73

Before reading: Niice, update Panda!
After reading: Pls noo, leave it as it is!

Also I'm happy i stopped playing enu since your last changes, because i would not like this change again.
I miss supporter classes. It's not all about dealing damage, seems like every update we lose some supporting features while gaining more access to damaging ones.

0 0
Score : 161


0 0
Score : 3

This update is a JOKE, this game is getting worse by you people, STOP DOING THIS SH*TTY updates that ara going against the players, STOP, get focus on remove bots so we can use our professions in game, create new sets for cha players instead of doing this abomination

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Score : 2

It would be Much Easier if you Tell us to Just Delete Our CRA #Ankama_Balancing_Logic

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Score : 2

Are they maked new game?) Ep..they desztroed old game. Its experimennt and expirience...its not for money wink

0 0
Score : 659

People played panda because it’s repetitiveness is GOOD AND FUN. The decision to make it more complicated because “it’s better for solo players” is the reason why new AND old players leave. I shouldn’t have expected decent changes at minimum. This is just depressing.

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Score : 2

Dofus was unique game, with hardcore gameplay...were are u going, dofus?) 1-midlle uni class?) Oza-feca-eni-sram?)

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