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Powerful scrolls needs a change

By ExGict#7253 August 29, 2022, 16:20:52
At the moment there is a problem with the demand and supply for powerful scrolls and there needs to be some changes to push the prices in the right direction. It would make sense if those scrolls are more needed and worth more because:

- they are the most expensive for doploons (340 doploons each).
- they are traded for the highest generation mounts (which require more time/effort/durability from breeding items)

At the moment I'm writing this topic because on the server Dodge they are worth the least with strength as most extreme for 1999 kamas each. Even the small one is worth double (3999 kamas each) while its  cost is only 20 doploons each and the breeding time for these are way shorter and take less durability from breeding items.

My suggestion(s):
- make them only give one stat per scroll
- boost the max stats you can scroll with these to 120
- remove that you can get them from the 3x daily quest rewards
- remove that you can drop them from monsters (just powerful vit scroll left from dark chest)
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