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By xxELCOMUNISMOxx#7117 January 04, 2023, 00:48:14
Well, something that has happened with Dofus touch is that it has become a very different game, having unique things such as ascension and things from Dofus 2.0 and wakfu have been added and something that would be very good if they implemented it would be the mechanics of heroes and companions.

one of wakfu's mechanics consists of being able to use an ally to help you in combat, having his mechanics either defensive or offensive.

currently dofus touch is based on progression with the help of the players to be able to advance and overcome different challenges, sease dungeons and others. But since only one character can be controlled, what we call multi-account was made, people who control different characters simultaneously through emulators in order to facilitate their journey in the world of 12. This is not to ANKAMA's liking and it arises to satisfy the necessity, since many times dofus is unfair for a part of the players who like to do things alone, either for various reasons, because they cannot find equipment to pass dungeons such as the dojo of wind, plantala or kontratraz and those of frigost, or because they prefer to play alone and not entrust important tasks to people they don't know or trust, such as removing the invulnerability of a boss.

So, wakfu a long time ago I implemented the mechanic that I mentioned before and it is the ability to control 1 ally and even another character created from your own account.

It would be great if they did because it would make life much easier for Dofus touch players.

If you want, you could implement the companions who would be npcs that would help us in combat that we would unlock after completing certain missions and we must level them up, this being free and exclusive for pvm.

then there would be the paid version that would consist of using a character from our single account and being able to use it not only in pvm but also in pvp. (currently in kolis there are many multi-accounts for the same reason, one person managing 3 characters) implementing this would put an end to multi-accounts on the one hand since there would be no need to download emulators because the game already provided this option, so they would also be avoided the account thefts of the legendary Moroccan Uncle

To avoid performance problems and others in the game, since 2 characters are being used, the character that is accompanying us is the npc ally or our other monkey account character, share the same interface, that is, the ally always us continue and that with a button we can access the other character to change their equipment, characteristics and more. (like the effect that allows us to use some weapons like judge lu's hammer among other weapons, equipment, or wanted etc...)

Suggestions for npc allies in combat:
it is difficult to develop and implement new things, the best thing would be to recycle.

In the game there are multiple missions in which we have a partner who helps us in combat (an npc) we can mention the Eldora missions with mazin Linn, the multiple Crocodail Gods, the wey wabbit, the little cil (in the travel mission temporary), the pandala samurai, the brakmar or bonta militiamen, or even some other emblematic mobs such as gobballs, dragoturkeys, among others to which we can put equipment and serve us in combat either causing damage, healing, boosting, or tanking .

it would be wise to implement it, this would greatly improve the game and draw attention from both new players and veterans and keep the game more alive.
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They have this feature on wakfu but idk if they will give it for free. Im a returning player too and its hard to progress on 1 character. Its making me think the game is already dead.
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