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Make PVP faster-More base erosion

By yossidude#6111 January 25, 2023, 19:49:47
Most kolo’s are taking around 5-20 mints usually ending around 10~ mints
I think that’s a reasonable time frame
The problem starts when both teams got a *healer* , it’s a long map and no team wants to leave their defensive advantage, in this kind of kolos I’ve spent around 30-75 mints for a single kolo multiple times which is a pain even if you won but much worse if you lost(seen both ends unfortunately)
My suggestion is that if the base erosion was higher the fight won’t stretch as long
I think it could be cool to add a feature that every X turns the base erosion grows so when the fight gets out of proportion the erosion will balance it,
Thank you for reading
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lol they want to make it max 35% res because of your suggestion! 
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