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Sadida Int Path Change

By Paschkii#2645 February 01, 2023, 22:30:39
Hello there!

I‘d like to suggest a change for the int path of the Sadida class.
Right now, the int skills seem rather underwhelming in comparison to the other paths. I‘m talking especially about the „paralysing poison“ spell, which doesnt even deal that good of an amount of damage. I was thinking that at least this spell should be exchanged for something more worthy. I‘d love to see a skill that kinda does the same as the tear spell for bush fire, maybe a self buff (power buff/intelligence buff) which turns bush fire into a double fire spell for 2 turns. For sure bush fire could also have an extra effect, but not so sure what kind. Maybe the paralysing poison spell embed into it?

Also I hope to see more interesting emblems for Sadida, but thats off topic I guess.

Anyways, I‘d like to hear other opinions on that matter

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Hey I just want to point out that paralyzing poison ignores %fire res and only affected by linear res(flat res) so it’s pretty decent, I still think it needs to get a range buff +3 or +2 more range would be nice
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