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PvP Dofus

By Tenashko-#2807 March 03, 2023, 15:34:36
As is, there are many ways to enjoy this game: PvM dungeons, Questing, Ascension, PvP, as well as dailies like Almanax, Missions, and Dopples. Many of these offer exclusive Dofus so the best players are encouraged to participate in each aspect of the game, Ice Dofus and Domakuro require long quest lines with multiple dungeons, consistent Ascension participation grants the Dofushu (even faster if you do well in the mode), and a consistent commitment to Almanax grants the Dolmanax. However PvP is left out, as the only method of gaining a Dofus is by defeating an enemy perceptor holding one and even then only 1 participant receives that reward. At some point later on, I and others I've talked to would love to see a Dofus tied exclusively to PvP participation. The system could be similar to Dofushu shards, in that the player gains a resource for participating that they can either collect a large amount of to trade for the Dofus or (if they already have the Dofus or aren't interested) they could exchange them for more Kolossokens. I feel this would not only be a nice reward for the people who already enjoy PvP, but would encourage others to try it out as well. 
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