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Observations on server growth on Grandapan

By Crypto-Knight#5935 November 04, 2016, 20:51:49
The surge of new players since the international release has plateaued. The Grandapan server still feels only half full at best, and there seems to be a significant decline in new players as of late.

I believe this is due to the fact that naturally the game simply isn't "brand new" as it was a month or so ago, and the ever increasing bot problem. Bot spams plague the astrub zaap and incarnam starting areas which is a real turn off to all players. I have not seen Ankama address this issue which is very concerning. Subsequently, dividing the international server in two was premature.

Now that the game has been establish internationally, its time to build on the initial momentum. If there are no more significant impacts done aside from game updates, it is doomed to simply decline over time. Something must be done to keep new players steadily coming to the game. 
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"Bot spams plague" - dont forget about french and spanish plague ;-;
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Before I played Dofus Touch, I spent almost 5 years playing Dofus on the computer. Specifically, I was on the Zato server and lemme tell ya: Grandapan is at present more populated and busier than Zato when I started there. It'll be cool to see Grandapan explode, but judging by the stars on resources and monsters, the vast majority of in-game content is being explored. The PC version is over 12 years old. The touch version isn't even 1 year old. Give it time.
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I very much agree! From Zato as well and right now the dofus touch population is amazing compared to when I played Zato way back before it was the empty place it is today. 
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