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Alchemist and Farmer Auto-Farming Problem

By hxho2kevin#5197 December 27, 2016, 00:32:34
As the title says, I have both farmer and alchemist jobs. When gathering flax, it always asks me if I want to reap or gather it and it doesn't allow me to auto gather or reap other flaxes on the same farm. I need to wait and click what action I wanted it to do every single flax.

Is there any way to auto reap or gather items even you have 2 jobs benefiting on the same item ?

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This is one of the reasons that Touch needs the profession overhaul and the introduction of the new harvestable ingredients as seen on the PC version. Two professions gathering the same resource is just nonsense. Maybe the devs will implement something to fix it, but until then you're stuck.
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no thank, the  professions in PC are a shit. Dofus touch only need a way to do more easy the mechanic of farm this resources
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sigh i just picked up alch on top of farm/bake and found this issue... now ill have to delevel it -.-'
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