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Change resources locations every quarter, add more agro monsters

By Disgustus#5831 January 23, 2017, 22:20:55
Okay, so let's talk bots.

Nobody likes bots. They depress the prices of resources on the market and make it difficult not only for harvesters to earn an in-game income for their efforts, but as a consequence of that also depress crafters' ability to charge an appropriate fee for their services. After all, if the price of ingredients is getting pushed down, then the price of finished products is also being driven down. Easy math.

But what we also know is that botters in Dofus rely on a static alignment of resources. They've got the location of all the harvestable resources saved to macros and their bots just run around on the same loop over and over. It's easy-peasy.

But there are ways to fix this.

One way to fix this is to rotate the resource locations on a regular basis. Say, once a quarter. For example, a hypothetical region could have 100 resource units to harvest. 5% of the resources could be very rare; 10% of the resouces could be rare; 30% of the resources could be uncommon; and the remaining 55% could be common. And then - once every quarter - even though the quality distribution of resources stays the same, the physical distribution of said resources is shuffled. This would at least temporarily confound botters who would have to re-map all their macros.

But that's not all.

Ever wondered why there aren't any bots running loops around Eltneg Forest or Mt. Scauldron? It's because the monsters there are aggressive and their macros can't account for aggressive monsters. In every area where harvestable resources are present, there should be at least one aggressive monster. It's very easy to navigate around aggressive monsters, and the developers could even add an Incarnum quest specifically to teach players how to walk around them. Yes, I know there're the quests which take players in the Incarnum cemetery, but face it - some people are stupid and need this spelled out for them.

A quarterly rotation of maps which maintains resource quantity and quality but changes their distribution coupled with more aggressive monsters would go a _VERY_ long way to frustrating the botters' ability to farm resources 24/7.
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