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Incarnam Revamp Ideas and the Guild Index

By Crypto-Knight April 11, 2017, 19:55:35

So I know your team is working on an Incarnum revamp. I just thought I would put in some of my thoughts on what I would include apart from adjusting for the Arena's system.

- Teach players how to use chat and chat filters (new players often only know how to talk in general chat)

- Teach players how to use all the different icons involved in the menu (the current tutorial just goes over a few) and in better detail. New players often don't understand how to find recipes for professions nor do they know how to use the market or map.

- Most of the Incarnum quests should be required to be completed on an account's first character, but Incarnum should have the option to be skipped on subsequent characters.

- Have players form a group with an npc so they can understand how groups work.

- Also, the main quests need to be more connected. After player's complete the main quests in Astrub City, they have no clue what they are supposed to do without help from other players or external resources like the wiki

- Let players know that only low level gear can be dropped and following that, everything must be crafted.

- Give players a weak pet, so they can understand how they work and how they are to be fed.

- Create a Guild Index

This would require more work but creating a guild index would be incredibly helpful for new players. A book they could find in towns or Incarnum which lists guilds a player is eligible for. Guild leaders that are trying to recruit can enter information into the book like lvl requirements, main language, and brief explanation about the guild. Players interested in joining that guild can either message the guild leader listed in the book OR they can apply to the guild through the book itself. Then somehow the guild leader (or officers with right) could view these applications and accept the applicant into the guild without either player needing to be logged on at the same time. To avoid players registering to inactive guilds, guilds would be removed from the guild index after a month of inactivity where inactivity is determined by the last time that guild used the index.

I think this builds on your past idea of welcome guilds, and makes it more sustainable:

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Surprised this didn't get a response from [Flatops] - all great ideas! I especially like the idea of a Guild Index. I've always found the manual approach to guild management in Dofus a little bit odd.

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They sure are, thanks Crypto-Knight, we'll discuss them with the team.

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