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Every 500 Achievement Points = 1 Additional Star

By Disgustus#5831 November 25, 2017, 00:35:48
I suggest that the dev team can make an easy fix to reward players who chase achievement points--who appear to most frequently also be solo-account players--that the dev team give players one extra star on all monsters and resources for every 500 achievement points, maxing out at 10 additional stars at 5,000 achievement points. This will not only encourage players to chase achievement points and join others chasing the same, but will also provide a stronger advantage to solo-account players who lack the advantage of running a full team. This won't do anything to reduce the advantage held by multi-accounters--whether they're using multiple tablets or are using an emulator that hasn't yet been caught by the monitors--but it'll go a very long way toward improving the quality of life for people who don't have the consistent help of a larger team.
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