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Adjust House Pricing System

By V0X January 11, 2018, 20:37:02

The current house pricing system seems a bit imbalanced as the game currently is.   I have two suggestions I believe could improve this, which would encourage player participation in Dofus retail and stimulate the economy.

1. Make the price of the least expensive house adjust to the economy, and adjust the price of the rest of the houses accordingly.
I'm not sure how Ankama initially decided what the price of a house would be, or how they gauge when any given player should be able to buy a house, but I do know that the price of any given size house is consistent throughout all servers, which is weird.  If the same amount of player participation with Dofus touch houses is to be expected throughout all servers (which it should be, they're an excellent game mechanic!) the price of a house should be adjusted to the behavior of the economy, so that they are just as affordable on any server.

2. Change the minimum resale price to half of the previously bought price.
The current way houses work is that they cannot be sold for less than the price they were originally purchased at.  This makes sense because that's roughly how real property works, but because this is a game and Dofus Touch property doesn't behave like real property it sort of becomes unreasonable and just discourages people from buying houses.  The adjustment in prices should still be made though, because eventually the economy will evolve and houses will become a hot commodity.  If the minimum resale value is half the previously bought price, this will prevent the houses from becoming unaffordable to the vast majority of players, and will gradually increase as the value of houses increase.  (The amount of kamas refunded to anyone who abandons their house would therefore need to be set to whatever price they purchased it at.)

Please take this into consideration.  I've always enjoyed the player house mechanic in Dofus Touch and hate to see it go so unused in servers like Grandapan.

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A suggestion if you ever want to take on a huge project that would be very interesting.
 This overhaul of the base housing would take lots of kamas off the server, making the economy more leveled out.
 1. you start out purchasing a house plot, (empty plot)
 a. there could be different size plots.  such as you have now,  small, medium, large, extra large, mansion. OR = leave all plots the same, and allow the player to determine how much kamas they want to spend on the home to determine the value and size of the home and how many chests they can place in the home.
 2. once you purchase an empty plot, its time to start building floors and walls.
 a. each floor tile the player builds, cost kamas.  each wall piece cost kamas, window, doors, stairs to get to another level in the house, etc.   simular principal of other games such as sims, ultima online, mine craft, etc.
This will premote players to express themselves in their building ability.  The doors/item/sign, still need to either have the code on them, or make it where it is public so anyone can enter,  or a private setting that only those people that on the visitor list (which is determined by the player who can enter, or a setting that only guild members can enter, or completely private so only the owner can enter. etc.)
 3. Currently your house's have up to 4 levels (floors),   that should stay the same,  however, a player could decide to only place one floor on their house plot, or build up to four floors,  depending on how much kamas they want to spend on their home.
 4. If a player decides he wants to move,  they could either sell to another player, such as you have already implemented into Dofus, or they could tear down their home, (reverting it back to the basic plot),  getting a portion of their kamas back, they have used to build the home.  3/4 of their total cost spent, but not all of the amount they spent to be refunded. 
This takes you to, how does a player know how much their home is worth?
There would have to be something they would click in order to transfer/sell the home to another player, that also tells information about the home, and a gump in order for the player to customize their home.(building their home = customizing), who owns the home, total amount of kamas they have spent on the home. Who can enter the home, (guild members or friends), combination lock number, etc.
As it is now, the Door is your informantion gump, for purchasing.  but that might not be the best thing with the revamp because the Doors are customizable.
So in order to have your customize/sell/purchase gump, your home would have to have something to click,  such as an item.  maybe a tiny jewel that is outside the house, or house sign, or maybe a door knocker.  Doesnt really matter what the item is for the information gump, as long as each house plot has the same item.
The information item, when others click it, would only see the owner name and the combination lock, if its public or private home.   All other information is on another tab that only the home owner can access,  such as the value of the home, customizing gump, who can enter the home, etc.
 5. Now for the chests in the home.
 a. As Dofus has it now, small house has one chest, medium has 3 chests, etc.
Principal still applies here.   Depending on how you decide to do the scripts will determine the following.  The small house plots or one floor home only allows you to place 1 chest, medium house plots or 2 floors built only allows 3 chests. Lage house plot or 3rd floor built allows 4 chests. etc.
 b.  Since the houses are customizable, the chests would have to be able to be moved around the house, and be placed by the player wherever they choose to put it.
Home Decorating
1. Home decorater items can be sold on the market or vendors.  This expansion would allow you to have more then one home decorating crafters.  example:  Carpenter = to make wooden furniture and deco items, metal smith = to make metal furniture and deco items, Fabricator= to make cloth or leather furniture and deco items, Mason = to make stone/rock furniture or deco items, Floriculture = plants   etc.
 2. Items to include are: tables, chairs, curtains, wall decorations, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture, decorations, etc.
 3. Home storage chests, can either be on the customize gump or crafted by a crafter and sold on the market.
By putting the chest on the customize home gump, this would allow you to limit how many chest can be placed on each floor of the home.  If a chest has items in it, it would not allow you to remove or move the chest until it is emptied.
 I could go on and on with details, but i think this gives a basic idea.
Thank you for your time in reading this suggestion.

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This is a nice idea, but this would be way too complicated to make for a mobile game. It could (probably) work on the PC version though.

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A mi parecer las casas solo se deberian vender y comprar a un unico valor, ese valor seria el precio inicial de las casas al salir el server. De esta manera no se daria el enrriqusimiento de los jugadores por parte de un recursos que le pertence siempre a ankama ya que para mi tendria mas sentido de esta forma

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