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Resetting Characteristics

By Shroomsss July 13, 2018, 10:07:11

I was wondering if there will be an update (like on DOFUS pc) that allows you to reset all characteristics without losing scrolled stats, since I'm frustrated by the current options given to reset the characteristics of a character (all stats to zero and losing scrolled characteristics or stats to 101 no matter if scrolled or not). This applies for resetting characteristics using Doploons or Otomai relics (not sure about magical orb). 
Anybody knows about such an update or an alternative way of resetting characteristics without either losing all scroll points or never be able to scroll stats you've already invested in?


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When you choose to reset stats they give you 2 options, i dont remeber which, but if you choose one it doesnt restart the scrolls

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Actually it does, there are certain circumstances in which you could end up losing scrolled characteristic points. Level points or "leveling" refers to adding points to your stats from the points you get each time you level up.

Current stat reset options:

  • Get all your characteristics down to 0 (option 1)
  • Get all your characteristics down to 101 (option 2)

You should NOT scroll this way:
  • Invest scroll points and then use option 1
  • Invest scroll points then level up some other stat and then use either option 1 or option 2
  • Don't use any scroll points and then use option 2

Only way you should be scrolling
  • DO NOT put ANY of your level points until you've fully scrolled a stat.
  • Put level points and DO NOT scroll ANYTHING until you're able to fully scroll the stat you want to level.

Of course, It'd be better if Dofus-Touch implemented Dofus PC scrolling mechanism.
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I apologize for digging up the post, but I want to know if it's still a problem.

I'm a 199 cra on Dofus Touch and I invested 300 level points on wisdom and everything else on int. I scroll 100 on vit, wis, int and agi; and 50 on str and ch.

Now, as Dofus touch changed the scroll system (you can put level points and scroll as if you don't have anything), if I want to reset characteristics but not lose my scrolls I have to use "option 2" on Otomai, correct? All my scrolled stats will down to 100, my scrolls below 100 will continue below 100 and I will recover my other invested level points.


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