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Close the Kolossium

By Disgustus#5831 September 28, 2018, 00:45:39
The matchmaking system is broken.

Players are using their own teams and logging their friends' accounts to play and not inviting other players to play with them.

Players are trading fights among themselves to game the system and get fast kolosokens.

End-game equipment requires resources that can only be acquired with kolosokens, but the strongest players are cheating the system and this locks out other players acquiring kolosokens. The rich and the powerful and getting richer and more powerful, resulting in situations where players who are known to game the Kolosssium match-making system are in possession of more than 95,000,000 kamas.

Players who log their own teams get priority treatment from a system that prefers to match full teams against full teams. Meanwhile, single players wait sometimes for hours to get a match and are frequently mis-matched into unfair fights.

The Kolossium system does not work for the majority of players, and judging by the dev team's reported time constraints it's not going to be fixed any time soon. Kolossium match-making was terrible in 2.10 Dofus from which Touch was ported, and it's still terrible in Touch.

I suggest to close the Kolossium because it does not function fairly or efficiently, and use the Kolossium for regular PvP events (the likes of which have already been discussed and hosted, especially on the French servers.)

I suggest to either remove kolosoken-dependent pebbles from end-game recipes and replace them with enemy resources or doploon-depedent pebbles, or else list doploon-dependent pebbles for sale in the class temples on par with doploon-dependent pebbles.

I'm aware that an option already exists to trade kolosokens for dpoloons at a 2:1 ratio, but dopples are limited to 1 fight per dopple per day, but players can have up to 50 fights per day in the Kolossium. Reportedly the match-making system attempts to create a 50/50 ratio of wins and losses, so even under that assumption a player can theoretically still get 25 wins per day... or if they're logging two of their own teams, who knows? Maybe they can still net 50 wins a day.

Add to this the sad fact that unlike in real-world sport-fighting, there is no loser's pot. Kolossium fights in Touch are winner-takes-all and there is no reward to compensate the loser for all the time spent waiting to get a fight and then actually in the fight.

Whether the reward is kolosokens or doploons, there must be some reward to compensate the losing team for the time spent in queue and in fight. To do otherwise is to actively discourage the honest players and encourage the cheaters who rig the system in their favor.

Close the Kolossium, or change it. As it is now, it's an infuriating waste of time for honest players.

Alternatively, keep everything the way it is and instead of players choosing their own teams, the match-making system forms its own teams from all players registered to fight. Putting all fighters in queue into a single, common pool from which teams are  fairly and anonymously established is the only way I can imagine to confound the cheaters and other people who game the system.
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I think some stuff you said is just things you believe, not the real true, at least on server I play..
Also, Koli is one of the coolest thing inside the game, and have  alot of importance on game at all...
Koli rox.
People who try to cheat and take advantages will always have. Ankama got ways to let us, the players, talk with em and Report who we see cheating. 

Its better to help the rule be respected, then change and take off such nice stuff as koli
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Reporting doesn't do anything. They get a 30-day suspension and then they come right back.
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