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Make all dungeons one room.

By Disgustus#5831 November 11, 2018, 18:54:07
I suggest that all dungeons be reduced to a single room -- the boss fight.

It's clear that a mobile format suits itself to short play sessions, and this is why the dev team has implemented lairs -- to provide a shorter, dungeon-style play experience for single players.

But when it comes to the standard dungeons, even with a group of four players it can be expected that most dungeon runs are going to require anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half of committed gameplay to finish. Yes, it's possible that the entire group can use recall potions to leave the dungeon and come back another day to finish it, but in practice this isn't what happens. In practice, it results in players who join other groups to continue, while their original party in whole or pieces is left in earlier rooms or waiting in the boss room to join another party.

I see no practical reason why dungeons on Touch should be more than one room -- for players who are logging only one account, it can take tremendous planning and extended periods of time to clear dungeons not because of the difficulty of the boss fight, but because of the length of time required to clear the preliminary rooms.

I suggest that the dev team consider dungeons the multiplayer equivalent to lairs offered to single players and reduce all dungeons to a single room.
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I agree
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i think he does have point

on pc its was a little  bit tedious already, now imagine in mobile 
i suggest maybe the fights before the boss being optional where you can do them for more xp or go direct to the boss

or maybe add a puzzle element instead of the battles before the boss
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make mats for keys harder to obtain but straight to boss would be cool 
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You would need to think of a strategy of frig monsters (Treadfast) as they are only found in the rooms prior to the dungeon. It would seem like a waste of time of their time if I am honest. The reasoning why they are there because it meant to feel like a rare spawn.

I would just implement a group button feature that allows you to put data like 'Looking for a group in bworker dungeon' and also be able to highlight what stage you're on.

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Si se hace esto ya es desperdiciar el modelo de mazmorras que tiene Dofus desde hace más de una década, lo que sería conveniente sería tener que pasar la mazmorra completa una vez y la próxima pueda ser opcional las salas anteriores a la sala final.
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