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Dofus touch multiplataform

By fortuiton January 18, 2019, 14:32:10

Hello everyone!

I'm a player of dofus touch since it started and today i want to request a petition to the developers and staff of the game.

This week a player of Dofus touch with YouTube channel explained that the emulator Lindonoemu saves your data of absolutely all the information of your account even the question and answer secret. This has left me very concerned because more than a 80% of current players use this emulator that is illegal but offers many facilities to play, then here I will expose my opinions about it and I will translate a discussion we had in discord this week.

I will always be of the opinion that Ankama should make the game Dofus multi-platform touch offering a client on PC and IOs, even if it is monoaccount, but that is official and safe to use.

Some will say: "It does not make sense that Ankama do dofus touch on PC because it would compete with the traditional PC Dofus!"
well my friend, they are not the same products, the pc dofus has many novelties and is far ahead in visual improvements and content for example; balance of classes, dimensions, P2P game system, if someone wants all those improvements and advantages can pay the subscription and enjoy. if someone wants something simpler and with many more players could opt for dofus touch, it is like saying that ankama with wakfu and the opening of 1.29 servers is making competition between their PC games, it does not make sense! it's the same company and the profits go to the same place ... and if for example someone does not have a pc you will always have the option to enjoy the game from your phone, that simple.
It makes me very curious to know if at least they have considered it.Others will say: "why play from the PC if it is very satisfying to play from a tablet!"

I do not say that it is not satisfactory to play from tablet, I play on ipad and it is a joy, but that it could be multiplatform does not subtract, on the contrary, it adds!
What I ask is that the PC is one more option to play dofus touch. There will be those who like more of android, There will be those who like more of APPLE and there will be those who like to play it more from their windows desktop. We will all play the same game with the option to choose which platform to do it on.

Somebody said: "that would be empowering the multi account players!"

Being a multi-account is already an option and is completely legal for all.

Someone else exclaimed: "The emulator facilitates its use! It is not the same to play with 8 tablets than with 8 accounts on your computer!

Being a multi-account tablet or PC brings the same benefits, only that PC is more comfortable and practical. and if ankama decides to launch a client on pc it is because that person who has 8 tablets could surely also allow a pc capable of opening 8 accounts, with a client on pc only facilitate players the possibility of being multi-account in a safe way without fear being stolen by a fraudulent emulator. IF THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE PLAYERS ARE MULTICUED THEN WHY NOT TO PROHIBIT FROM THE START?

and that was the discussion we had in discord the players. I sincerely hope that ankama thinks about the risk that its players take using uttering malicious emulators, I believe that doing the multi platform game would expand the game to new players, I hope that this thread does not get lost in the forum and someone from the staff reads it.

With love, a player.

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Encima también se pueden duplicar y hasta triplicar las cuentas en un celular y en una tableta con ciertas apps, es más incómodo pero... como estamos hablando de multicuentas también.. so.. if the developers de dofus touch no se ponen las pilas desarrollando un emulador para pc podría desatarse un caos en la comunidad, como bien dices el 80% de los jugadores usan lindo no-emu!, NO LO USAN SIEMPRE! pero si que lo usan, no porque en el PC sea simplemente más cómodo (aunque sí que lo es) sino por la accesibilidad y comodidad que brinda tener un juego multiplataforma!! que puedes bien jugar en el celular acostado en la cama, o, bien puedes sentarte en el PC y hacer un trabajo mientras juegas... 

Al equipo de Dofus Touch no le cuesta ABSOLUTAMENTE NADA! de trabajo hacer lo que hicieron con el dofus touch no-emu, mandar un e-mail a lindo no-emu para que lo cierren y desarrollar ellos mismos el emulador oficial!! (usando el código abierto del no-emu, node y chromium, simplemente copy paste) en el servidor de Dofus touch!. 

Yo estoy por creer honestamente que hay gato encerrado... y hay razones monetarias por las que el equipo administrativo no se ha puesto manos a la obra con un tema tan increíblemente IMPORTANTE!

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ban lindo dofus
the game was totaly unfair for solo player

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link of the video? lindo no emu is a open source proyect it´s means that you can see the source code and see how it works, i am a software enginier studient (sorry my english) español: link del video? lindo no emu es un proyecto de codigo abierto esto quiere decir que puedes ver el codigo y ver como este funciona, soy estudiante de ingenieria informatica.

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U.W.U cierro el tema

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