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I Need water

By LMNhazde July 18, 2019, 10:26:57

Sorry, i read that the tavern sells water, but It sells beer or milk. I am a Baker so i Need a great amount of water. Thanks and forgive my english.

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You can't buy water from npc with the update they introduced some months ago. Best way to obtain water right now is farming mobs such as Mushd, Crabs, Snappers, etc. (check the in game Bestiary to see which mobs are more suitable for your char) or you can buy water from other players. I wouldn't advise to camp a water well... It's just not worth it.

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The water is really hard to get after the update.. and its not worth and make the game more hard to play.. make me tired and want to quit to play the Dofus Touch.. sad

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The corona virus has broken out in the RL, but dofus touch predicted it. Water becomes a luxury product

p.s. sorry, i did it! biggrin 

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So to farm and sell bread I now lose money thanks to the new water shortage.... I’ll just sell water lol. *starts water selling profession*

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