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The real problem with Dofus, and why bots are so overwhelming

By allenwu123 August 04, 2019, 05:30:36

I'll start this by listing key points of the discussion. I will go over each one in detail. 

1. Runes drive the market
2. Value of low level gear depends on value of runes, value of high level gear depends on viability of said gear
3. Problem with the concept of pebbles
4. A solution that is both easy to implement and effective at making the game a more balanced experience

Those are the 4 points. I will now go over each one in depth:

1. You look at all the materials for things under L100. What determines what is worth more and what is worth less? Simple. You look at the recipes page and look at what recipes the material is in. If it can be used to produce an item that can be broken down for valuable runes, it is worth something. If not, then it will be worth like 10 kamas or some worthless amount. Hypothetically, if you have an item that says "-3000 VIT, +20 critical damage", it is an unusable item but it will be crafted the most because it gives the ultra valuable Pa Crit Dam rune (2 of them guaranteed, in fact). To phrase it differently, low level gear functions as a rune grinder as far the market is concerned. This enables a lot of the botting in this game, because farming low level monsters in obscene numbers is easy to program and very much profitable. 

2. Based on point 1, low level gear derives its value from runes. The opposite is true for high level gear. When you break an item down for runes, the total value of the runes start to "max out" after a certain point. Even the most powerful items are only worth like 200kk in runes at most, but high end gear start in the millions. This creates a problem. High level gear that is obsolete (i.e. it has another item that is strictly better at the same level range) basically do not exist. Nobody will craft it to wear, nobody will craft it to break down for runes. This leads to a chain of events. The materials used to craft those items become worthless. This means that the mobs that they come from are not worth farming. This leads to entire areas that serve no other purpose than for quest/achievement completion. This is mountains of content that the devs have made that are now cheap and discarded the moment those quests are done. I would argue that the source of this pricing issue stems from the pebbles. Theoretically, an item should have no artificial crafting price "floor". That is, if nobody wants to craft it, the materials should become cheaper. If the materials become cheaper, at some point the item should be so cheap that it would become worthwhile to craft to break into runes. This leads to the next point. 

3. The idea of pebbles has one main problem of concept: it is used in the crafting of just about every high level gear, but its value is pinned to the most valuable items it can craft. This means that no matter how bad a piece of equipment is, its cost to craft is pinned to the best gears in the game. I think that line speaks for itself and needs no further explanation. 

4. Here is my proposed solution to the problem. Coming up with this solution, I've taken into account ease of implementation, minimal disruptiveness to the players, and keeping pebbles still worth farming for. 
a) Introduce a next level of AP/MP/Range runes that only drop from breaking items L150 or higher (at a 100% rate if the item has that stat). These new runes have a 1/50 chance of critical success on an exo. Reduce the chance of critical success of the old AP/MP/Range runes from 1/100 to 1/200. If these new runes are successful, next step would be to do similar "upgrades" to the other runes (increasing amount, success rate, or reducing loss of sink on non-crit success/failures, max overmage, etc)
b) Change the way pebbles work in equipment (keep it the same for trophies). Instead of being an ingredient, have it be a booster for the craft. Items L100-125 = Smoked Pebble, L126-150 = Gleaming Pebble, L151-175 = Mahogany Pebble, L176-200 = Sparkling Pebble. Each craft, you can input up to 2 boosters of the appropriate level. Each pebble reduces the amount of other ingredients needed by 25% (amount required rounds up, so if you need 13 of something, with 2 pebbles it becomes 7).

This means that items that are now useless can then be used to break into runes. Pebbles would only be used for items that are in high demand (the materials are expensive or constantly farmed). Monster types that are otherwise worthless to consider farming can now be farmed, which can diversify the amount of farmable things people can consider. Bots cannot do high level stuff, so this new market of runes would be immune to the effects of botting. AP/MP runes being lessened in value would destroy the botters who focus on Treechnid Forest and Jelly Peninsula. 

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I Hope someone from the staff Will Pay atention to this post

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this interesting, but apparently nobody has read it

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