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My journey to making one Gwilled Wabbit (ANKAMA please read this!)

By dark-princesx October 01, 2019, 12:13:36

Hello my name is Blue-Santa a lvl 85 str enu. I'm a lvl 48 Hunter/Butcher and I want to show you how BAD the Recipes for Success update from May really is especially for hunters and butchers. Now I took a long break from the game and a few days ago I started playing again, went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for making gwilled wabbit and I just couldn't find any at the npc. After some time I discovered that you couldn't buy them anymore from the npc and that you need to drop/craft all the ingredients besides hunting for meat.

Now I will show you what it took in this current state  to make 1 Gwilled Wabbit:

1x Gwilled Wabbit recipe:

1) Preserving the meat:

  • 1x wabbit leg
  • 1x Jelly Blubber (12% chance to drop from Jelly in The Jelly Peninsula)
  • 1x Temporal Powder + 1x for later(12% chance to drop from Dark Baker in Brakmar City Walls)
  • 1x Plant Resin ( 20% chance to drop from Treechnid in Treechnid Forest or Amakna Forest)

2) Butchering and Cooking the meat:
  • 1x Preserved Wabbit Leg
  • 2x Frying oil (requires a lvl 20 farmer and 2x Barley, 4x Oats)
  • 1x Spices ( Made of 1x Pepper Measure + *Preserved Bird Meat by Hunters)
  • 2x Pepper Measure + 1x for later ( 12% chance to drop from Boars and Prespics in The Amakna Forest)

*Preserved Bird Meat for making Spices
  • 1x Bird Meat
  • 1x Temporal Powder

-Some ingredients required multiple fights to drop
End result: 1x Gwilled Wabbit (40HP consumable, 50xp to Hunter and 50xp to Butcher)

The same xp granted pre-update.

The time and effort to make 1 simple wabbit leg is absurd and we're talking about a 4 slot recipe, it's simply not worth it to level up these professions in their current state.

Now how would I fix this problem?

Since hunter/butcher professions required alot of time and efforts before this update and higher lvl recipes already required drops and crafted items from other proffessions I would put back in the grocery store all the items that hunters/butchers and fishmongers used before the changes.

For comparison farmer/bakers only need to drop magical cure and water besides the farmed ingredients to make their Cereal Bread (100 hp 1 pod consumable)

Thank you for reading and I hope you fellow hunter/butchers and fishmongers will support me in trying to convince ANKAMA that they did not think this through when they made this update.

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Trying to convince them to go back to old days is a loss of time. Adapt, no way out.

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Even if the devs won't revert the changes atleast make it balanced and fair across these professions .

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