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Achievement Dungeon Notification

By ScorpioStarScorpioMoon February 12, 2020, 01:12:06

I have a simple suggestion which I think would be very convenient and greatly appreciated by the Dofus Touch community. I would like to suggest having an achievement notification for dungeons. Just like there are Challenge notifications letting you know if you've failed a challenge, it would be highly helpful if there were also a notification for failing a dungeon achievement. Simple, but very much appreciated.

This would help out many players who are in a boss fight in a dungeon. While fighting, some players may lose track on their progress for the achievement of the particular dungeon boss, not being too sure if anyone in their team has failed an achievement or not during the fight. A simple notification would be a huge relief. Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Underworld-Yaiwa

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