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Profession Homes in Towns

By ScorpioStarScorpioMoon May 08, 2020, 20:21:14

Aloha, Ankama and Dofus Community.

I have a suggestion concerning homes in the Dofus world and getting straight to the point, I would love to see more homes centered around professions. Having a home is great and all for chests and a nice environmental setting, guild spot and stuff but...come on...there's not really much to having a home. Those millions of kamas spent to have a home would be much more satisfying if there were promised workbenches included.

I realize there are homes with workbenches but only in few homes. You have towns like Sufokia, as beautiful as it is, with no good selection of homes with workbenches for different professions. I feel and think that having more homes with workbenches would make owning a home more appreciated, valued and overall...worth it. Or, I mean, we CAN just stick to spending millions just for a chest that only holds an inferior amount of items...Lord Sram, I hope not.

Sincerely, Underworld-Yaiwa of Grandapan


Potential Benefits
-Higher interest in Professions, thus economic activity
-Satisfactory Accomplishment
-Higher interest in home ownership
-Increase of wide varieties of Crafts in market


Idea Suggestions
-Profession Level Requirement to buy a Profession Home
(Example: a medium home with a workbench requires lvl 50 of crafting profession, whereas a large home with workbenches requires lvl 80 or somewhere along those lines.)

-Being a Merchant from Home
(Example: Setting shop right in front of your home, or inside if made public, can allow you to truly get into the merchant spirit and once it becomes common knowledge that more homes have workbenches, people will most likely be more drawn to check your merchant shop around your home.

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