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Change to Dopples?

By Dez- May 17, 2020, 17:19:26

As with PC Dofus, running Dopples everyday on Touch has become a neccessity. It is a tiresome, lonesome chore. It is not engaging, doesnt promote community and frankly consumes a good chunk of time that could be better spent elsewhere.  People will run them to farm Kolosokens instead of engaging in a bit of fun pvp. Locking mats (Pebbles, Tourmaline) behind them is honestly annoying, especially when you can only earn so many in a day.

Ankama would you have any plans for changes?

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They may not, But my mates and I do.

Give me an option at lvl 200

to fight them all.
Get it over and done in 1 fight.
13 v 1


a Mini dungeon.
4x Dopples (not your class) x3 Rooms.
Boss room of 4 of your characters Dopple.

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