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By Onefifty July 13, 2020, 14:00:31

Hi Ankama team.

I have played Dofus Touch since year one anniversary and with the introduction of lower level crafts to crush for more runes, I'd suggest another change - getting rid of the critical failure and failure. Adding sink to an item in maging can be accomplished by overmaging gear. For example maging an adventure hat (that now gives +5 to each stats except wisdom) wouldn't gain sink to the gears maximum value, overmaging, or exoing.

In theory gear could be maged for their full 101 points, rather than +30 strength overmages we could see +101 strength.

If duo element builds could exo or overmage the entire gears potential value we could see stronger tri-elemental sets.

We could see more creative ways to beat monster in pvm. Is this a good suggestion to the maging system?

Your fellow player,

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I want to hear Ankama’s thoughts about this too. There’s potential.

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