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Needed Balancing of Weighted Runes

By Onefifty September 15, 2020, 03:52:34

Hello Dofus Community,

When it comes to maging stats on an item, many of us know (and you will too!) sink values are 101. But most sink values go unused on equipment and this is the real crime. 

An AP mage, and MP mage are the most weightiest mages, because (you're catching on) they are 100 and 90 sink respectively. 

I suggest "buffing" characteristic runes by including a new 50 characteristic stat rune (that's 50 sink!) to include in purchasing at an NPC.

This gives players (you and me!) more freedom to mage multielemental sets and use up all 101 sink on an item. 

Thank you for reading.
Your friend,

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