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The Game has become Boring

By Onefifty October 04, 2020, 21:42:41

This topic is blunt. It's not sugar coated or a feel good post. 

Having played Dofus Touch since launch I have figured out everything about the game. 

The game lacks the freedom to mage items with maximum sink values of 101 but only really being able to AP/MP exo your gear. Allowing other gear +20-30 sink in maximum stat maging. The cost breaks the bank and therefore left the game undesirable to play. 

This is a veteran player that is willing to leave the game to find another game. 

Veteran Player,

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No offense but I don't get what are you trying to suggesting. The only way to reach the 101 sink limit , or getting close to it, would be to have guaranteed success (+ stat, - sink) on every rune following an AP/MP drop. If that were the case you would see ammy and boots with +15/16% x resistance or +18/20 elemental damages on stats they didn't even have before.
So, in the end...yes, the 101 sink limit only matters in exomages. Also I don't know how you mage but after an AP/MP drop and fixing all the stats on the equip I usually end with something like 50 or so sink left, then is only luck-based on runes whether they land or not (and I know it can be frustrating but that's just a part of the game).

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Lolloop, you are exactly right. To do an AP/MP exo is expensive. 

How can we make overmaged/exoed equipment affordable to low income players?

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Lolloop|2020-10-06 01:08:29
Well since last major update runes' prices are kinda ridicolous (here on Dodge AP runes are around 270kk/each and MP runes 80kk/each, also Ra Vit are like 17kk/each, MP/AP res runes raised a bit too), the only runes way cheaper than before are elemental damage and dodge.

Regarding AP/MP exos it really depends on you I mean:
1. If you don't hate maging / you farm your own runes / you land exo with ~20 tries on average. Then do it yourself.
2. If you don't have patience and you are kinda unlucky (100+ attempts on average to land one) just save Kamas and buy it, you will atleast maintain your mental sanity.
I don't know the prices of AP/MP exos on Grandapan but here on Dodge they are like 35mk (or more) and around 20mk respectively. Best way to do kamas is probably doing Dopples (or Kolo if you like PvP) and sell spell scrolls/pebbles; quests like the Key master quests or Ice dofus quests grant some kamas + nice resources but you will need a group; do achievements and sell the resources you get (IF YOU GET THEM... RIGHT ANKAMA? coff coff ); some here like to do Eternal Harvest quest multiple times and sell the Ochres (~40mk).

I have found a new character class to play that brings the fun back into the game. Thank you for the suggestion of farming for ochres despite the long time of doing Eternal Harvest. 
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