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Septange fight / Krosmoz Quest

By daverofldave October 30, 2020, 17:38:19

So here I am, a simple 199 feca. Trying to complete the Time Bubble krosmos quests. Along comes this fight against the Septange. Have to put her on 3 tiles in the first fight. But beware, her primary spell which has no range or los restrictions can kill you in 5 turns if one of the spell effects (which are random) hits. So you have a 1/4 chance of not being hit by the "countdown clock" part of the spell. Survive long enough to move her around the map and put her on the 3 cells. 

Sounds easy enough. The wonderful development staff at Ankama even went so far as to give you a couple new spells. One that lets you push her back one tile for 1ap. One that grants you protection against her potentially death-dealing spell... but that protection lasts 1 turn and has a 4 turn cooldown.

Enough of the mechanics. Back to the story:: So I die a couple times but then I get her. Yay!

Continue the quest... FIGHT HER AGAIN! Only this time put her on 4 cells. Yeah I can't seem to do it. I've died dozens of times. I would probably just keep trying and hoping I luck out, but guess what? The next part of the quest is to fight her again. Only this time put her on 6 cells.

Oh.... and then do it again only this time on 10 cells.

Did I mention this is a solo fight? Did I mention she's in the Heavy state?

Was this designed entirely for Sacriers? I get the feeling even that class would have a really hard time here. It sure as heck isn't very feca-friendly.

Anyways, come on devs. You can do better.

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