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Stimulating server's growth and Ankama's revenue

By Baaaaaeee December 26, 2020, 11:30:13

Dear all,

I'm playing Dofus (Touch) for a while now, and I observe that the growth in players is decreasing over time. Maybe the registrations of players are increasing but this may be caused by more people using bots. It seems like there's no regulation on the server Dodge; I see many bots walking and farming around (even in the crowded locations). There are even casino bots where you can place a bet on head/tails or red/black. Wouldn't it be a better idea to implement a report option for bots? "Report player" --> "Acts like a bot"

Thereby, I'm seeing that Kamas are gone from the shop. You can now only use Goultines. I don't think this is the way to stimulate Ankama's revenue. I think it'll only stimulate players to quit or playing less frequently. Unless this is your intention.. I propose that Kamas are put back in the shops. Also decreasing the prices of the Goultines (effectively by half). I'll never pay for Goultines at these high prices. €40 euros for just changing a class!? I'll rather pay €20 or create a new account with a new class.

At last, I'm curious how well Ankama is doing. Do they experience a decline in revenue, and are they preparing to abandon Dofus in the future? I don't see any advertisement going around. No new players are seen in my server Dodge. If Ankama isn't interested in marketing, isn't it a better solution to fuse the servers together and create one big community instead of having multiple small islands?

I hope everyone is willing to share their opinions about these topics. Hopefully, the moderators can engage and answer some of these questions. Thank you for your time and understanding!

Kind regards,

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Hi B,

Thanks for the feedback! We've taken note of your suggestions for having an in-game report feature and server fusion. Currently, there are no plans to fuse the servers. As for the bots, you might not see it but we have systems put in place to combat them, every day is a battle for us. For the kamas in the shop, to be clear it is a shop bug, we did not intend to block kama purchases, and our team is investigating it.



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