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[NOTED] Archmonster Spawn Rate & Server Population

By the-sinnermen#3752 April 04, 2021, 19:47:31
I would like to suggest having archmonster respawn time to be shorter and/or proportional to server population.

With the current Archmonster respawn time of 10-14 hours, assuming nobody hoards archmonsters, and that they are caught immediately, only about 730 copies of a specific archmonster can be caught per year.

Even with the assumption that those copies are caught by different players (when in reality it is often campers who sell archs at very high prices and have no interest in the quest) it is only 730 players.

For some servers, this represents 1% of the population. For others, It is as low as 0.25%.
This is very frustrating for players who grind an enormous amount to perfect their character, yet are denied the ability to obtain what is considered basic end game gear.
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I recently came back to Dofus after a ten year break (becoming a father).

And I was a bit choked over how easy many things has been to obtain and achieve. If the Ochre dofus is now seen as a standard end game item, it has in my opinion become way to easy to get. Back when I played on four accounts intensely for two years, I managed to finish the Eternal Harvest, and man that was kinda big news on the server.

I generally find many things to be to easy today, just to mention a few:

1. Back in the day you could only access a shop on the actual location in a town. Gathering professions took allot more time and patience.

2. Now any sub characters on the same account gain extra xp from other higher lvl characters.

3. You can pay to change col. Class etc.

4. If you died in a dungeon, you could not just talk to the key guy, and jump back in to the room where you died. You had to start from scratch. Also no option of teleporting group members.

Im okay with these changes since it makes the game more accessible for a younger audience, including my two sons, which I love playing with.

God luck on your eternal harvest mate.
All the best
The old man
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