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Player Vs Player system overhaul: Percs, Prisms, Ava, Wing Fights

By Vontheviking#9003 July 17, 2021, 15:10:39
The current PVP system has become stale and outdated. There needs to be a massive overhaul in order to fix several issues:

[The Preparation Phase Switching of Perc/Prism]
So much of a fight is decided in the preparation phase: Initiative order, starting positions. 

The Problem: Prism and Perceptors start in random starting positions. 
The Fix: Defenders need to be able to be able to switch with the prism during the preparation phase. The positioning of this is important if the perceptor starts too close to the enemy. Sometimes no amount of preparation or saving can rescue a poor randomized start position. It's very frustrating.

[Prisms Fights Immunity duration after successful defense]
These events are long and tedious. The rewards are not always apparent or balanced to the time invested.

The Problem: A team can spend an hour successfully defending a prism fight, only to have it reattacked and weakened shortly after the fight ends. 
The Fix: An immunity period after a successful prism defense depending on the total quantity of zones an alliance owns. The immunity duration should be (720 minutes minus (5 minutes * each zone an alliance owns). At around 160 capturable zones in the current game, this would mean that alliances which cover the whole map then get a significantly reduced immunity time (to almost nothing), and smaller alliances have a larger protection window, up to 12 hours.

[AVA Rewards and Incentives]
The Problem: AVA Incentives are negligible compared to the time spent
The Fix: There needs to be more incentive for attending Alliance vs Alliance events. The nuggets system from Dofus 2 is a good example of a resource reward that could be used to craft new trophies. If that's too technically difficult to implement, grant level-based XP to all participants. Something to gamify it and interest lower level players. The nuggets system also allows for the destruction of resources, which I believe is something you are always trying to encourage in the servers.

The Problem: the ranking and matching system accounts for a player's entire lifetime. It can be very hard to find matches on the higher end of that ranking.
The Fix: rankings should reset every two weeks. 

[Fights of the Wings]
The Problem: this system is so outdated and there is no reward.
The Fix: restore the headhunter system to encourage players to engage in 1v1 fights. This was a quest that gave XP and kamas for successful bounty kills of the opposite alignment.
Alternative Fix: Grant XP and kamas for a successful kill.

[Alliance Prism Management]
The Problem: Many members in an alliance can place or modify prisms. Alliance leaders need to be able to prune excess zones, especially if the dynamic immunity period is added.
The Fix: The alliance leader should be able to sabotage or automatically cause an AVA for a zone, without losing a Prism fight.

[The Perceptor Book]
The Problem: some guild perceptors, especially if hidden, can grow to horde huge amounts of kamas.
The Fix: on Dofus PC, there is the book at the alliance temple which displays the top ten most expensive perceptor locations on the server. I love this idea and it needs to be implemented here on Dofus Touch, to encourage targeting of the most expensive perceptors, and active management of current ones.
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Completely and utterly agree with absolutely all of these suggestions, I am also a long time dofus player of 10+ years and have seen some of these suggestions into play, and yield amazing results, with the rise in population, these suggestions will greatly improve the dofus community and promote more activeness within the game.
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I'd like to see 1v1 koliseum aswell like in PC dofus :3
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