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evaluation questionnaires?

By Halek#9288 September 07, 2021, 22:26:10
My dearest Ankama,

Nowadays most commercial companies provide their users with evaluation questionnaires to monitor the happiness of the users, quality of the services provided as well as improvement of existing practices (as indeed required by ISO 9001:2015). 

To my mind, I do not reckon to have filled any questionnaire from you during my long gaming experience between Dofus and, more recently, Dofus touch. 

I think it would represent a valuable tool to monitor your community especially after large updates which massively impact the gaming experience. 

Several classes have been affected, as well as the possibility to complete certain dungeons, but so far there is not a place where to address complaints or suggestions for the future (rebalancing) changes.

I do appreciate that all dofus branded stuff as well as the accounts are your properties, which you allow us to use, and therefore you have the right to change stuff as you like. But Ankama without the players is not much either. 

I would appreciate a reply to this post. 


Lordhalek (iop 200 Dodge)
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