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Suggestion: Remove "Defeat Resource Protector" from Daily Missions

By MrDSire#5734 September 28, 2021, 07:16:05
I would love to see the removal of "Defeat Resource Protector" from the pool of potential Daily Missions you can get, and I dare say that a large percentage of the community would be behind me on this.

It's not enjoyable in any way to be at the mercy of a random number generator for one of the resource protectors to appear, and the respawn time and limited quantities on some of the resources only makes things worse. (And don't even get me started on the bots which only complicate things further) I've heard of many people unlearning their professions explicitly to avoid these as it seems to be the only way.

If something connected to professions has to stay then keep the craft item with X slots, but honestly those seem more annoying than rewarding (and may still have people unlearning professions). I'd just remove any connected from professions entirely, but I really want the resource protector ones to disappear.
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Yes please. Last thing I want on my daily basis is to hunt for a copper/manganese/tin resource protector while competing with an infinite amount of miner bots. 
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Yes, please. This is the only reason I am not on board with the daily missions yet. I reset every daily with "defeat copper crackler" only to get a "defeat iron crackler", and just gave up in the end.
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instead I think they are useful for low and medium players who find themselves missions like winning a kolosseum (against Liv 200) or a floor of ascension island. I do only resource protector
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There is an NPC, inside the almanax temple, that lets you fight a resource protector whenever you get the daily mission.
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