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Ice hotel quest wheatstone cost is 250kk

By yossidude#6111 October 02, 2021, 14:58:13
You need 5 ice saw to complete the quest, to make 1 ice saw you need 10 wheatstones
therefore you need 50 wheatstones

the price of wheatstone changed from 10 kamas to 5,000 kamas
but the amount required for the craft is still 10

the total kamas required for completing the quest is now 275kk(buying wheatstone and sulphur pouch) and it's unbelievably high

Please fix it in the next maintenance
There is no other way of getting those and it's clearly a mistake, Thanks for reading
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Oh man i feel your pain, i also did that quest and its a lot of kamas
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you can drop it
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