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The Mercenaries: How can they be important to the game?

By Sir-Aillard#7541 November 17, 2021, 06:19:59
Well, here I am to resurrect an old subject: Mercenary Alignment. A particularly good idea that fell by the wayside due to the devs' irresponsibility. But, ignoring all that, I'm going to talk about my reasons for thinking this character alignment  would be perfect for the game. 

First of all: It is EXTREMELY difficult to make a mercenary bot. For this the bot would have to have a fully programmed AI to know how to react to each type of message from each type of character, in addition to responding with its own interpreted character. No one would have the luxury of spending so much time programming bots that do this, and they are easy to detect and remove, as they would always say the same things. 

Second: Seriane Kerm and the DIVINE gameplay that being a mercenary provides : This alignment is one of the most interesting to play. In addition to functioning as a "Neutral Route" of the Dofus Alignments, it is an alignment that pays a lot of money when the player is smart. 

Thirdly: The Astrub Mercenary base is abandoned and there is no reason for its existence. Without the Mercenaries, Astrub becomes just a trading point not as big as Bonta or Brakmar. Little by little this city, which should be one of the centers of gameplay, will lose its importance. With Mercenaries, Astrub will have more movement, whether from Mercenaries looking for missions, or from possible contractors looking for a Mercenary. 

Hope the devs understand that this will only help both the game and the players. 

Bye Bye!
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