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A fly idea

By kingzzz#1122 October 08, 2016, 06:39:37
For the alignment brakmar and bonta. Ascended or ranked wings could be able to fly a little bit above the tile depending upon rank and wings would be cool.

I understand its tough for flying content because of the 2d and map situations not being able to fit on the map flying on the edges, shadows and inputting it into the code to deal with other characters and the whole video game but that would be awesome. Alignment mounts would be cool. Alighment armor like livitems would be awesome. Anything and everything to put the alignments into action more than it is. Mayne alignment bosses in the main cities. Training. Actual war areas like a meeting point or boarder between both cities by the dopple area and then the dopples mixed in with it. Theres so much that could be done. I am not sayinf improvement. Its already awesome but give us a party of updates. You guys know you can. I myself could send metal guitar recording for brakmar. The music seems like it needs an update, but this is yalls video game. You've done amazing with it. WHERES THE PASSION.. be passionate about being passionate. 

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It is a good idea. With that more people would be most interested in PvP (level up bonta/brakmar) alignement. 
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