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Sadida str/int and the problem in frig count's dungeons for the combo duo achiviements

By pangolina#7141 June 08, 2022, 19:35:24
Hallosweat_smile.. My suggest was that all the classes for justice, in future, would choose any other classes for combo, to make achieviements duo also in count zones or plantala dungs cause now just whit some specific class can be do it.. Then about my sadi class whit the new rework somethings about dollies change like now them dont heal the dolly, the just one locker dolly have a little bit of life for survive, but anyway they dont survive, the rapers one dont work whit bosses in count's zones, the damage are a lot of ally, and my healer spell can be used every 4 rounds, whit healer bow work just in line whitout obstacles like my healer spell, 7 rounds for use tree of life for heal ally too(or i choose to push, or to despell, or to heal).. Dolly can be dangerous sometimes for my allies or an obstacle for make damage, the tree can be useful if survive, but in that zones die fast also the tree XD.. Im more str than int but i have a lot of int for be usefull to heal, and i have more items for be  a little bit useful, anyway more times i just see my friends play cause i die 2 or 3 round in dung nileza, missis friz sylargh, and i fell shame to ask to do duo whit sram people cause i know how that dungs are hard and need patience and time for do it, so i dont ask to nobody, and until now i never say nothing about my class, waiting a rework like all the other classes that i see until now, adjustments are for nerf my class..all my spells are in line, the one more hard damage spell str rape mp and sometimes if i use on  boss, boss revive, became inv again and something like that, so i cant do damage, if i use bow for heal i cant use sworm for do damage..
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